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This website was originated by Barrie (AKA “Ted”) & John (AKA “Fred”),  2 bus pass holders in the north east of England.  The aim is to give useful information to bus pass holders and those who aspire to a bus pass.

Ted & Fred scan the news
Ted & Fred scan the news

The bus pass schemes which exist now in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are generally popular and funding issues at local authority level remain a strong topic for discussion.

The qualifying age for bus passes differs in the 4 parts of the UK,  and Merseyside and London run local travel passes from age 60.

There’s no doubt that bus passes or Freedom Passes (in London), NOW Card (Lancashire), Travel Passes (Merseyside), Senior Pass (West Yorkshire) are very popular with pensioners and disabled people, and encourages people to get out and has an economic benefit for places of interest, shops etc

The cartoons and animations on this website are the work of Ted who has more of his work on http://bazart.me.uk/


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13 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Great website ! 60+ London Oyster photocard just arrived in the post. But the info is a bit vague about which National Rail services are covered. Can anyone clarify?

  2. What a brilliant website! We would be delighted to link up with you somehow, can we put a link to you on our site please. Please do get in touch. Jennie

  3. The Lanashire website says:
    “English National Concession: free off peak travel (between 9.30am and 11.00pm Monday to Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays) on local bus services throughout England . ”
    So 9.30am seems to be the earliest time Monday – Friday, but anytime Saturdays and Sundays.

  4. Hi
    I dont know if I am in the right place. I have have just got my disabled pass from Merseytravel can I travel before 09.30 in Lancashire on this pass

  5. I have lost my pensioners bus pass, and after much sorting and searching revealing nothing, I have mislaid it somewhere.
    Can I apply for a new one if possible please.

    Douglas Isle of Man

  6. Dear John, Very many thanks for your speedy reply – you have given us something to work with. Best wishes, Joy Gretton

  7. This is a request for help rather than a comment, but I’ll make it in hope.
    A friend who lives in Dorset, near Marshwood, is keen to travel to London on his OAP Bus Pass but doesn’t know if this is possible. If it is how would he go about finding details of timetables and connections? He has no email so I am exploring the situation for him.

    We would be very grateful of any help – it would be great if you could email your reply. Best wishes, joy

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