At last a party leader candidate with greying hair

We have long urged the need for more politicians with maturity “What we need is more silver haired politicians June 2012”, as often evidenced by greying hair. One can’t help noticing that the Labour politicians that might have fallen into this category – Jack Straw, Alistair Darling, Alan Johnson seem to have jumped ship. But clearly there is at least one still around in the name of James Corbyn, MP for Islington North

James Corbyn MP

James Corbyn MP

who we now read is in a leading position in the race (or is it a crawl) to become the Next Labour Leader.

Not that we are going so far as to endorse his candidature, that would be a step too far for for a blog with no political allegiance. We aim to stand up for pensioners interests whatever the political alliances.

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