Benefits of devolution to the Scots becoming clearer, free this, free that

Welcome to Scotland

It has been drawn to our notice that the phasing of entitlement to a bus pass to age 65 from 60 which is now taking place doesn’t apply (surprise surprise) to Scotland, where we are told there are no plans to change the existing entitlement to a bus pass at age 60.

In England entitlement to state pensions for women is being phased back to 65, and the entitlement to Cold Weather Payments is also being phased back in the same way – This would surely be red rag to a bull if we found that this was no to change in Scotland. In England we have the feeling that taxes paid in England are paying for those benefits for the Scots.

One wonders if with this and other substantial benefits that residents in Scotland have, e.g. No Student Fees, Free care of the elderly and the retention of bus pass entitlement at age 60 may result in a migration north ?

Maybe not though – think of the cooler/wetter climate, the midges in summer in many parts of Scotland….

Postscript: We now understand that the date of entitlement won’t change in N Ireland or Wales either !

3 thoughts on “Benefits of devolution to the Scots becoming clearer, free this, free that

  1. John

    Instead of complaining about the fact that Scots aren’t having their rights removed, do something to fight this Government plan – lobby your MP, join the Pensioners Party, etc. Fight for your rights rather than remove those of others!

  2. c gee

    you have missed out free prescriptions for all from april 2011
    free bridges

    and as well as the bus pass being phased in to age 65, saga magazine for march reports that this will apply to free prescritions

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