Bus Passes – all you wanted to know

Whether you wish to apply for a bus pass,  find out when you qualify for one,  want to know what you need to do about renewing a bus pass, one of our pages should help you.

Bus Passes come under many names,  including Freedom Passes, Metro Passes, NOW Cards, all issued as part the “English National Concession Ticket Scheme” (ENCTS).

And is some areas i.e Merseyside and London bus passes are issued to people aged 60 and above who don’t yet qualify for a pass under the “English National Concession Ticket Scheme” (ENCTS).  In Wales & Scotland people qualify for a bus pass at age 60.

Travel Vouchers are issued in some areas as an alternative to bus passe,  usually where bus services are very limited.

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16 thoughts on “Bus Passes – all you wanted to know

  1. Fred Robson

    The date you qualify for a bus pass if you were born in Jult 1954 is:

    on 6 May 2020, if you live in England
    when you turn 60 years old, if you live in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland

  2. Fred Robson

    As you live in Wales you are entitled to a free concessionary travel pass – if you are a permanent Flintshire resident AND if you are:
    Aged 60 or over

    for more details see

  3. Lynda Parry

    I have just reached 60. Born in 1956, do not get state pension until I am 66. Does the same age apply to bus pass now in Flintshire? Do I have to wait until I’66 to apply for bus pass?

  4. Teresa Clement

    My friends and i all have Somerset passes. We live in yeovil Somerset. We would like to go out on some days to a seaside so were can we go using are passes.

  5. dave

    i have been told that if i have a hospital appointment BEFORE 9-30am i can use my bus pass so long as i can show proof of my appointment time to the driver e.g letter from hospital confirming appointment time or is this just a rumour
    David Mitchell

  6. Carole Rigby

    Please advise I have lost my pass either on the 203 going to stockport or in stockport today 25-11-15

  7. Stephen McKenzie

    Why is there a blue Alec Salmond Toby Jug revolving on this page apart from filling a gap?

    What would be better for us codgers is a simple table with the types of cards available say on the vertical axis and the types of benefits available across other horizontal axis with bullet points denoting what card offers what in a easy to follow way.

  8. admin Post author

    All depends on where you live, each bus pass office has their own procedure. From our pages you would be able to find the website for your local bus pass office, which if it doesn’t mention lost passes specifically will give contact details.

  9. B.G. Knights

    This site claims “All you want to know” I have lost my pass and there is nothing here about recclaiming the pass if it has been handed in, or about how to get a new pass. There has been no reply to an email to the bus company asking if I had dropped my card on the last bus on which I travelled.
    Please advise on obtaining a replacement card. Thank you. Knights

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