Renewing your bus pass

How to renew a bus pass is a topic that we are regularly asked about, and for which there is no one answer in the UK. Many local councils renew automatically, but by no means all. Others need a new application, and with some there is a facility for an online renewal. If you don’t want to be without your bus pass we recommend checking via the link below.

Changes of address: If you have moved be sure to advise your local bus pass office.

Whether wanting to check what to do to renew a bus pass, or to find out who to contact to advise a change of address we recommend going to our ‘Where to Apply for a Bus Pass‘ pages and find your local council (often at County Council level) where you should find information about renewals, or contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

We have written to a number of the bus pass offices (3rd March 2014) for guidance on renewals and have received the following information from Merseyside, West Midlands, London & South Yorkshire:

Merseyside info. on renewing bus passes is as follows:

  • A disability pass which has been ordered for a specific number of years – it is up to the customer to reapply before their pass runs out.
  • A Merseyside only pass which is issued at age 60 – the national travel pass comes out automatically in the post to them, customer does not need to re-apply.
  • A national over 60s pass or a disability pass which has been issued on a permanent basis – customer will receive a renewal form approx 3 weeks before their pass expires. They can either post the form back or call the automated line and input the renewal code on the form.

And from West Midlands (Centro):

  • Concessionary Passes for Older People – a letter will be posted to the passholder a few months before the expiry date (it is important that we are notified of change of address). The letter will request that the applicant confirm their current address either on line or by post. As long as the applicant is still residing in the Centro Network West Midlands area a new pass will be sent before the expiry date.
  • Concessionary Passes for Disabled People – the passholder will be sent a reminder letter together with an application form 2 to 3 months before the expiry date advising that they need to reapply.

And for London:

  • London Councils will be writing to holders of the Older Person’s Freedom Pass whose cards expire on 31 March 2015. This letter will invite the pass holder to renew their details – however more information about the renewal will be publicised nearer the time.
  • Holders of the Disabled Person’s Freedom Pass are usually contacted by their local authority, but again, more details about the renewal process of the Disabled Person’s Freedom Pass will be available nearer the time.
  • We are encouraging any pass holder who has changed their address since originally applying for their Freedom Pass to let us know. This is important so that we hold the correct address for when we contact pass holders.
  • If a Freedom Pass holder has changed address they should be advised to follow the guidance under the FAQs section on the Freedom Pass website

    South Yorkshire: Renew expiring pass

    If your pass has expired or is expiring within the next month you can renew it online now at

8 thoughts on “Renewing your bus pass

  1. Raymond Cliff

    Having received your letter today and dated March 16, I am having trouble in renewing my bus pass online.
    Whilst it does not expire until the 30 June 2016, I SHOULD BE OBLIGED IF YOU WOULD KINDLY CLARIFY THE SITUATION FOR ME. !!
    Raymond Cliff

  2. Khiry

    I just a renewal application form for my freedom pass just 2 weeks ago my expires on 31 March 2015 waiting to here back from them haringey council london

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