Renewing your bus pass

Whether wanting to check what to do to renew a bus pass, or to find out who to contact to advise a change of address we recommend going to our ‘Where to Apply for a Bus Pass‘ pages and find your local council (often at County Council level) where you should find information about renewals, or contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Changes of address: If you have moved be sure to advise your local bus pass office.

8 thoughts on “Renewing your bus pass

  1. Raymond Cliff

    Having received your letter today and dated March 16, I am having trouble in renewing my bus pass online.
    Whilst it does not expire until the 30 June 2016, I SHOULD BE OBLIGED IF YOU WOULD KINDLY CLARIFY THE SITUATION FOR ME. !!
    Raymond Cliff

  2. Khiry

    I just a renewal application form for my freedom pass just 2 weeks ago my expires on 31 March 2015 waiting to here back from them haringey council london

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