Scotland Bus Passes for older and disabled people

Bus Passes for older and disabled people – Scotland- Where to apply, renew or find more information

Scotland’s older or disabled residents can get free bus travel. This page includes a link to the online application form and information on applying.

If you are over 60 or have a disability, you could be eligible for free bus travel to get around Scotland and your local area. All you have to do is a get a National Entitlement Card, your pass to free bus travel in Scotland.

Anyone who is eligible for a bus pass but who can’t travel unassisted may also be able to get a ‘companion pass’. This will allow their carer to travel free in the Scotland

First step for residents of Scotland:

Click on this link to Scotland Bus Passes for Older Persons or Disabled Residents page

List of Concessionary travel contacts in Scotland by local area.


Bus Pass Information Main Page

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