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A district council said it would introduce the fee on top of the existing cost of a subscription to its service for elderly people who require home care.

Pensioners who need help being helped back to their feet after a fall at home will be charged £26 by their local council.

Tendring District Council said it would introduce the fee as part of its Careline service for elderly people who require home care.

An elderly rights campaign group has described the charge as “shocking” and equivalent to a ‘falling fine’.

The £25.92 annual charge means a carer will come to pick an elderly resident up after a fall.

Our comment: This sounds crazy, older people will be scared to pull the chord when in need.

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Changes will be made to High Street chaos kerb after disability charity blasts “death trap” design

Insight Gloucestershire claim the final product is “absolutely not what was discussed” and said its suggestions for the stretch were ignored.

Resource centre advisor Marc Gulwell, who represented the blind and visual impairment charity at council consultations for around 18 months, said use of similar colours for the brickwork makes “no sense at all”.

Mr Gulwell added in an email to bosses: “I feel absolutely let down by this whole situation and I am seriously questioning my involvement in what I thought was going to be a worthwhile group with people that would actually listen to us and use our ideas.”

Dozens of people have tripped on the kerb, including an 86-year-old woman who was hospitalised.

The county council initially insisted the new pavements were safe, but after a Tewkesbury woman broke her finger it said another safety review would happen.

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Pensioners urged to ‘be seen’ when driving mobility scooters on roads

PENSIONERS have been urged to make themselves visible if they are to use their mobility scooters on Tiverton’s highways.

Certain classes of the vehicles can be taxed for free to be driven on the roads and are becoming increasingly popular among the elderly.

But some motorists fear a collision with a scooter is imminent as they claim many users do not signal at junctions and are poorly visible due to a lack of lighting and their small size.

Debbie Westlake, chief officer of Age UK, Tiverton, said: “Mobility scooters provide a huge amount of support to people with mobility issues, but safety is of the utmost importance.

“Particularly at this time of the year when the nights are drawing in and the days are shorter, people need to be more aware of the times at which they go out.

“But that applies to anybody, there are probably all sorts of people that could improve – they need to be safe and visible.”

A class 3 invalid carriages can be used on the road at maximum speed of 4mph off the road, and 8mph on the road.

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Our comment: Making flags compulsory to make it easier to spot a mobility scooter might help.
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Bus driver orders all passengers off after woman spills her drink

A bus driver threw all his passengers off after a woman buying a ticket spilt her coffee and he feared they would be injured…or worse.

Bemused bus pass holders who had been queuing at the stop were told to get off, then the driver pulled the vehicle over to the kerb and called in specialist cleaners from the depot.

Flabbergasted Robert Readman, 71, a travel agent, said: “I was in the queue behind the girl and when she dropped the coffee the bus driver told her to get off.

“Then the lady in front of me was told she couldn’t get on, and nor could I.

“The bus driver said it was for health and safety reasons. He told everyone, ‘We can’t go, it’s too dangerous’.

“He shut the doors, pulled the bus to the kerb, ordered everybody off and phoned the depot for someone to come and clean it.
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London double-decker bus ploughs into Sainsbury’s supermarket entrance

A big red double-decker London bus crashed into the entrance of a busy south west London supermarket yesterday, narrowly avoiding injuring shoppers and those travelling on the service. No injuries were reported, although the Sainsbury’s store in Wandsworth where the accident occurred was usually busy at approximately 11am when the incident occurred.

The road around the Sainsbury’s supermarket was cordoned off as police carried out an investigation of the area. One eyewitness described how the accident occurred, saying that a road sweeper vehicle had been involved in the crash. Witnesses reported seeing passengers travelling on the bus at the time, although everyone escaped the accident without serious injury.

According to the witness, the road sweeper was travelling in one direction, with the bus travelling in the opposite direction, and the crash occurred when the two collided, with the bus driver left with nowhere to go but into the entrance of the Sainsbury’s store
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Passenger saves coach after driver collapses at the wheel

A coach passenger travelling on a morning bus service in Ireland last week has been commended for his quick-thinking after he saved a coach from causing a serious accident after the driver collapsed while behind the wheel.

The Bus Eireann Coach service was travelling between Limerick and Dublin at approximately 8am when Mosharaf Hossain, who was a passenger on the bus, noticed the vehicle was veering off the M7 motorway and swaying across the road dangerously. When Mr Hossain looked to the coach driver, he saw that he appeared to be slumped over the wheel and not in control of the coach.Read more in Coach Broker News

Double-decker bus overturns in Belfast

30 passengers were reported injured and a bus driver had to be cut free from his cab after a double-decker bus overturned after hitting a kerb yesterday afternoon near the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Eyewitnesses said the double-decker bus was travelling towards Belfast city centre on Sunday afternoon when the vehicle hit the kerb, before ploughing into a wall and overturning. Witnesses described hearing a very loud crash as the bus collapsed on its side.

Six ambulance crews rushed to the scene to attend to those involved in the accident, and police cordoned off the area around the overturned bus.
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270k pensioners suffer serious falls due to preventable eye problems

Elderly people are being urged to have regular eye tests, after a report revealed 270,000 pensioners have had serious falls caused by poor sight since 2009.

The research by Age UK also shows that nearly two million people over 60 have not taken advantage of free sight tests since 2009.

Nearly half said they had not bothered to get an eye test because they didn’t think there was anything wrong with their eyes.

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Coach driver gets into a tight squeeze on country lane

A coach driver got into a tight squeeze in Buckinghamshire at the end of last month when he misguidedly followed a sat nav’s instructions to follow a route down a small winding country track.

The 56-seater coach was transporting 12 passengers as part of rail replacement bus service between Gerrards Cross and Ruislip when the vehicle got wedged down the country road. The service was not a regular one, and not run as part of any timetable. This could be one of the reasons why the driver was following a sat nav system, which led the vehicle down an unsuitable route.

The road was so tight, that two trees on either side of the track smashed through the windows of the coach. The coach was completely wedged and unable to move, and so the emergency services were called, and the 12 passengers, 6 men and 6 women, were rescued by fire crews.
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drunken passenger who caused coach to crash is jailed for 12 months

A drunken coach passenger who grabbed the wheel of a moving vehicle causing it to crash and overturn has been handed a 1 year jail sentence.

As reported on Coach Broker News earlier this year, 21-year-old Thomas Roby admitted the charge of interfering with a motor vehicle and endangering the lives of others.

The driver of the Oxford Tube coach agreed to let the 21-year-old board the coach despite the fact he was visibly drunk and didn’t have enough money for the fare as he felt the man was in a vulnerable position.

However a few minutes into the journey, Roby approached the coach driver while the vehicle was travelling on the M40 motorway, grabbing the wheel from the driver causing the coach to swerve dangerously, eventually crashing and overturning onto the hard shoulder.

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Coach tour driver killed by tiger in China

The driver of a tour coach transporting a group of tourists to a tiger breeding centre in Northwest China was mauled to death by a Siberian tiger last week. The coach driver came under attack after he left the coach to check on the vehicle after it had become stuck in the snow. The Siberian tiger pounced on the coach driver, while the bus load of helpless tourists looked on. The animal then dragged the driver, named as Jin Shijun, into a nearby forest.Read more in Coach Broker News