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a choir of London pensioners sing an ode to the Freedom Pass

A choir of senior citizens has just launched a new song, and it’s dedicated to the Freedom Pass. Bolder Voices, who are based in Kensal Green, pride themselves on writing their own material, and ‘Love That Freedom Pass’ is their ode to the scheme that’s guaranteed pensioners free rides around London since 1973. The accompanying video is up on YouTube, the highlight being a midway skit where a twentysomething whinges about the £32 she’s just spent on a Travelcard, while the choir gleefully wave their pensioners’ perks. Christmas Number One, please

The Guardian : the case for retention of the bus pass

Meet the “ladies who bus” – pensioners Linda, Jo and Mary who use their bus pass to travel around every part of London. Or Steve Gibbs, who has undertaken an epic 2,000-mile journey with his. Or Mike and his mate Peter, who so love the freedom a bus pass has given them in retirement they’ve written a book about it. But what unites them all is the fear that an austerity-driven government will withdraw or curtail the passes.

The move could save £1bn a year, according to the Social Market Foundation – a thinktank that has also lobbied for cutting the winter fuel allowance.

Nest week the “Love the Bus Pass” campaign will deliver a petition (by bus) to 10 Downing Street with more than 140,000 signatures. Among its leading supporters is one of parliament’s longest-serving MPs, Labour’s David Winnick. “The free bus pass is a remarkable thing for pensioners to have – especially with fares going up constantly.”

Winnick, who at 81 is “unashamedly” a frequent user of his own pass, first campaigned for it in the 1960s. It was rolled out nationwide six years ago and used by more than 8 million people.

Savings can be huge, but they also vary enormously across the UK. In London, it gives anyone over the age of 60 free travel on all of Transport for London’s buses, tubes and trains. That’s worth £3,268, the cost of a zone 1-9 annual card using the Oyster system.
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Top Downing Street adviser travels to work using bus pass

In an interview in The Times, Saturday 11th May 2013 we are told that Lord Young (aged 81) is the only person in Downing Street with his own office other than the Prime Minister, and that he travel’s there with his free bus pass. He says “It is my most valuable asset. I get a thrill every time I walk through the Underground without paying” [he must be a holder of a London Freedom Pass] But he would be happy to sacrifice his winter fuel allowance. “I really shouldn’t have that, they should take it away from me”.

Nottinghamshire bus pass users told not to panic

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE residents who hold an older persons bus pass are currently being sent letters explaining how to apply for a new one.

And people with surnames towards the end of the alphabet are being urged not to panic if they haven’t yet received their letter.

This is a major pass renewal programme with 190,000 concessionary bus pass holders in Nottinghamshire. The majority hold the older persons cards and 10,000 hold cards for people with disabilities.

Each pass has a five-year lifespan and the majority of them – as many as 109,000 – are due to expire at the end of March.

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If you are concerned about renewal of your bus pass in other areas, try our ‘where to apply’ page for more information for your area.


Long Distance Bus Pass Travellers sought by Channel 4 production company

I work for a TV production company called RDF, and we’re currently working on a consumer show for Channel 4, which looks at the things people can get for free.

I am just doing a little bit of research into free things various members of the family, from varying ages, can get for free and I am hoping to speak to someone who might have used their Free Bus Pass to travel around the UK, or close enough?

I was wondering if you might know of anyone who would fit that description who would be interested in having a chat with me. Or, if not, maybe you could point me in the right direction for people who might know of anyone?

You can reach me on

get free travel with 60+ London Oyster photocard if you live in London & aged 60 or over

If you:

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If you:

  • Live in London
  • Are aged 60 or over

You can apply for a 60+ London Oyster photocard to:

  • Travel free on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services in London

Do you have a Freedom Pass?