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Cruel scammers are preying on elderly victims through computers and smart phones

Cruel scammers are preying on elderly victims through computers and smart phones, MPs were warned.

Web fraudsters are forcing older people offline for good after preying on elderly victims through computers and smart phones, MPs were warned.

OAPs’ confidence in digital technology is so shaken by internet crime they decide they no longer want to be online, the Public Accounts Committee was told.

Victims are even going into care homes after being targeted, experts revealed.

Age UK policy chief Jane Vass said there was “huge scope to do much, much more” to tackle web tricksters.

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Drone threat to security causes alarm.

Once again Amazon are seeking publicity for their ideas for delivering goods by drone (whether this will apply to those who live ‘in the sticks’ is another matter.) Some pensioners remember the real threat which the Nazi ‘doodlebugs’ made a reality.

With all the terrible things going on in the world right now this does seem a cause for alarm. It isn’t fanciful to think that their is a threat from objects of any kind being able to be delivered to locations uninvited can and regretfully will get out of hand. This is amply described in this BBC News report.

A lesser but important concern is the potential invasion of privacy – a drone flying over your garden – who knows whether it is filming you as you relax in your garden. Maybe some form of protection is needed:

But don’t be misled – we think drones pose a very real threat.

Despicable drive-by thief steals disability ramp

A despicable drive-by thief stole a disabled woman’s portable ramp in Cambridge – in less than 60 seconds.

Richard Seed, 58, of The Westering, dropped off his disabled wife Penny, 49, at Abbey Pools to go to the gym for her first day of physical rehabilitation after diabetes meant she cannot walk more than a few feet.

He put the ramp back in the boot of his car and drove along Pool Way in Abbey ward. He turned right on to Newmarket Road heading towards his home near Cambridge Airport at about noon on Friday.

It was while passing the area near Ivett & Reed stonemasons and Peasgood & Skeates Funeral Directors, just before the roundabout at McDonald’s fast food eatery, that the £300 ramp fell from the boot of the vehicle.

Mr Seed carried on a few yards and turned at the roundabout to return to pick up the ramp – which is bright red steel with a handle.

The turn took Mr Seed between 30-60 seconds to complete but when he reached the spot where the ramp had fallen, it had already gone and was nowhere to be seen.

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former bus company boss found guilty of fraudulent Claims for concessionary fares worth £800,000

A former Gwynedd bus company boss has been found guilty of fraud and false accounting.
John David Hulme, 55, had denied charges relating to more than £800,000 in public money paid to Padarn Bus Ltd in claims for concessionary fares.
Caernarfon Crown Court heard the offences occurred between July 2011 and December 2012.
Hulme was suspended on an unrelated matter in July 2012 by which time £495,857.08 had been falsely claimed.
The court heard Hulme made inflated claims about the number of concessionary fare passengers who used the service.
‘Extremely serious’
Hulme and operations director Darren Price, who previously admitted fraud covering the period after Hulme was suspended, will be sentenced on Thursday.

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Pensioners dubbed ‘Saga Louts’ commit spate of crimes in Cumbria

Crimes executed by dozens of over-60s include theft, fraud, shoplifting, drink-driving and sexual offences.

Scores of pensioners in Cumbria have been convicted for committing crimes over the past 12 months, according to police figures.

Chamberlain & Cameron

Crimes executed by dozens of over-60s, dubbed the “Saga Louts”, include theft, fraud, shoplifting, drink-driving and sexual offences. An 84-year-old man is one of the oldest of the 64 pensioners to have been convicted in the region in the past year, Cumbria Police revealed.

Theft was the number-one offence committed by south Cumbria’s silver-haired criminals, followed by assault, having a dangerous dog and harassment. The most common crime among OAPs in the west of the county was also theft, followed by assault and causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

The spate of crimes committed by people in this age bracket could be a direct result of being plunged into poverty, according the UK’s largest charity for older people.

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Age-related Senior Citizen Scams outlined

Age-related Senior Citizen Scams

1. The grandparent scam is possibly the most widespread senior scam, where the victim receives a call supposedly from a grandchild in trouble abroad and needing money urgently.

We reported in full on this type of senior scam in a previous issue, Scammers Pose as Grandchildren to Swindle Grandparents.

Usually the excuse is that the cash is needed to post bail and has to be a money wire payment is a dead giveaway for a scam.

However, in a new and particularly nasty variation, victims were told their grandchild had been kidnapped and that they had to pay a ransom.

In some cases, the crooks knew something about the grandchild and used an accomplice to impersonate their voice.

Even more cunningly, they earlier phoned the genuine grandchild, pretending to be from a cell phone company, telling them to switch off their phone for a maintenance project, thus preventing the grandparent from checking the story.

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Hero pensioners barricading armed robber in shop – video

Hero Pensioner stops robber

Two have-a-go pensioners who stopped a knife-wielding robber have become internet sensations as CCTV footage of their brave actions have gone viral with more than 21 MILLION views around the world.

Ron Smith, 78, and Robert Anderson, 72, managed to hold the door of a Salford shop closed while the thug was inside the shop attempting to steal cash from the till.

The two men’s actions meant the robber, 19-year-old Liam Redford, was caught by police and later jailed for two years.

But now, three months after the terrifying ordeal – the pair’s brave actions have been witnessed by millions of people in countries around the world on social media – and the footage is still being posted and shared.

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Microsoft reveals extent of fraudulent phone scam – be aware of the risks!

Microsoft has found that thousands of people have received fraudulent phone calls from scammers claiming to be from the company. The fraud is said to cost each victim more than £500.

The scam works by criminals posing as computer security engineers and calling people at home to tell them they are at risk of a computer security threat. The scammers tell their victims they are providing free security checks and add authenticity by claiming to represent legitimate companies and using telephone directories to refer to their victims by name.

Once they have tricked their victims into believing they have a problem and that the caller can help, the scammers are believed to run through a range of deception techniques designed to steal money.
Microsoft scam survey

To establish the extent of this emerging form of Internet fraud, Microsoft surveyed 7,000 computer users in the U.K., Ireland, U.S. and Canada. The survey showed that across all four countries, 15% of people had received a call from scammers. In Ireland this rose to 26%.

Of those who received a call, 22%, or 3% of the total survey sample, were deceived into following the scammers’ instructions, which ranged from permitting remote access to their computer and downloading software code provided by the criminals to providing credit card information and making a purchase.

The vast majority (79%) of people deceived in this way suffered some sort of financial loss. Seventeen percent said they had money taken from their accounts, 19 percent reported compromised passwords and 17% were victims of identity fraud. More than half (53%) said they suffered subsequent computer problems.

The average cost of repairing damage caused to computers by the scammers was more than £1,000.
The following is Microsoft’s advice:

Be suspicious of unsolicited calls related to a security problem, even if they claim to represent a respected company.
Never provide personal information, such as credit card or bank details, to an unsolicited caller.
Do not go to a website, type anything into a computer, install software or follow any other instruction from someone who calls out of the blue.
Take the caller’s information down and pass it to the authorities.
Use up-to-date versions of Windows and application software.
Make sure security updates are installed regularly.
Use a strong password and change it regularly.
Make sure the firewall is turned on and that antivirus software is installed and up to date

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Yard reveals pensioners are being fleeced out of savings by ISIS backers

Conned by jihadi cold callers: Yard reveals pensioners are being fleeced out of savings by ISIS backers

Police believe fraudsters were taking money from the old to give to ISIS
Pensioners were allegedly phoned and tricked into handing out details
The caller would claim to be a police officer as part of the alleged scam
One victim reportedly lost around £150,000 to criminals, police say
Men, aged 37, 29 and 23, arrested in London after raids on seven properties

Islamic fanatics are stealing the life savings of UK pensioners to bankroll jihad in Syria.

Masquerading as policemen, the extremists cold-call their targets and claim their bank details have been compromised.

The frightened and unsuspecting victims are told to switch all their cash to another account to keep it safe. But the account belongs to the fraudsters and the money vanishes. It will be used to buy weapons, ammunition and combat gear for Islamic State militants.

Police last night warned the public to avoid becoming a victim of the ‘cash for jihad’ telephone scam that mirrors swindles used by domestic con men

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Fines handed out to people for fraudulently using blue badges

Hundreds of pounds in fines were handed out in court yesterday to people fraudulently using ‘blue badges’ registered to dead and disabled relatives.

A crackdown on blue badge fraud was carried out by Waltham Forest Council in February of this year to catch people parking in disabled bays around Waltham Forest.

A council employee was amongst those prosecuted at Thames Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Shaiela Malik of Ramsey Road in Forest Gate, was charged with misuse of the badge after parking her car in a disabled bay at Walthamstow Town Hall where she was employed by the council.

A letter was read out in mitigation for Miss Malik who is a carer for her mother, whose badge she had used. She wrote to the court to explain that she was leave at the time of the contravention due to her uncle’s death, but had gone into the office.

“My mum has been in a wheelchair since 1995.

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