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Are our Children and Grandchildren being duped into giving up their privacy?

Critics of Microsoft have already condemned Conditions written into the new Windows 10, operating system, which allows them to glean all manner of information concerning the preferences and activities of users. Although most of these options, which are set by default, can be deactivated, the process is scattered throughout the system. and probably only known to those who read computer magazines.

Keep yur eye on him

Keep your eye on him

And now yet another company ‘spotify’ has made changes to it terms and conditions which allows them to collect data from users smartphones, supposedly to provide a more tailored content. In other words they will sell or share your Information with others , particularly advertisers.

Many argue that if you have nothing to hide then there is nothing to worry about, but given the increasing success of ‘Hackers and the continuing failure of organisations to protect our information then perhaps it is time for the Government to act.

Talking of which, does the Data Protection Agency still exist or are they still in sleepwalking mode. Seems to me the only time you hear of them is when someone on the other end of the phone wants to be unhelpful or they’ve allowed the DVLA to sell on your number plate details to Clamping firms.