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Grandparents helping with childcare – useful advice

These days more mums return to work after having a baby and many parents turn to grandparents for help. Many parents say it is their first choice of childcare, the one they trust the most.  One in four working families depends on grandparents for childcare.  This ranges from regular childcare for babies and toddlers to dropping off and picking up children from school, to helping out when the children are ill or during the school holidays.  It varies widely from every day care to help in emergencies only. While some grandparents who provide childcare are still working,  most are retired or no longer working.How much childcare should I provide?Establishing a balance of how much childcare to offer can be quite tricky. Looking after your grandchild should be a joy, not a duty. Make sure you commit to what you can do, and acknowledge your limits. If you get tired easily, have a health condition or are looking after someone else as well, make sure you don’t overstretch yourself.  Doing the things which are important to you – being with your partner, seeing your friends, doing your job – shouldn’t suffer as a result.

If you are a parent thinking of asking your parents or parents in law to look after your child, be grateful for what they are willing to do for you and don’t put pressure on them to do more, as this might only lead to resentment on both sides.

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Jasper Carrott offers some welcome views on getting older

It was enjoyable to listen to Jasper Carrott on BBC1- a stand up comedian with a slant on life as a ‘senior citizen’ – the stand ups that seem to attract most attention – Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, Lee Mack, Dave Gorman, to mention just a few use material that is definitely not aimed at the ‘Seniors’ age group. If you missed Jasper Carrott’s program you can hear it on the BBC iPlayer:

The disturbing aspect though was that whilst making jokes on a wide range of issues, some of Jasper Carrott’s solutions seemed to have much to commend themsleves to our politicians!

National Express ask pensioners to write to their MP about withdrawal of 50% discount scheme

From National Express

“Important news on the concessionary fares scheme

As somebody who has used the Government’s half price coach ticket scheme, we want to give you some important information.

The scheme currently provides up to half price travel for over 60 year olds and disabled people through Government funding.

The Government has announced that this funding will end on 31 October 2011 as part of its spending cuts programme.

While we are looking to introduce a replacement scheme, without the government funding it is not possible to make discounts as high and the cost of travel will increase for you.

We have written to the Government to ask that they reconsider this decision.. We have also written to a number of MPs to raise our concerns. Many MPs have told us they agree and have written to ministers at the Department for Transport to ask them whether they have considered the potential impact on eligible passengers’ ability to travel.

From your letters and emails, we know that many of you rely on the half price fares. Some have also expressed concern that without it, they may not be able to travel. If you share these concerns, perhaps you could write to, or email, your local MP to encourage them to raise your concern with the Department for Transport.

If you wish to write to your local MP we have included a letter template that you may want to use, simply add your details, print and send.

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Gramping: the rise of holidaying with grandparents

Three quarters of families with young children intend to go on holiday this year with the grandparents in tow, according to a survey.
Holidaying with three generations might be some people’s idea of hell, but the concept has taken off with an increasing number of families not only as a way of saving on childcare costs but also as a way of keeping disparate family members in touch.

The survey of over 1,000 families with young children, undertaken on behalf of netmums, the parenting website, found that 75 per cent were planning a summer holiday with grandparents this year. The survey was backed up by booking figures from Eurocamp, the upmarket chalet and camping company, which said it had seen bookings from extended family groups increase by as much as 325 per cent over the past two years.
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Husband wakes from coma after wife whispers in his ear that he has become a grandfather

Some things are worth waking up for.

And after two weeks in a coma David Russell finally opened his eyes – after his wife told him he had just become a grandfather.

Doctors had previously warned Helen Russell that the prognosis for her 60-year-old husband was not good.

But on hearing the news of the latest addition to the family, the farmer is making a full recovery.

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