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Guide for ministers on potential for sacking


Place yourselves in the shoes of these controversial ministers and try to decide whether you would get the old heave-ho, have to gracefully fall on your sword, or carry on regardless.

Ministerial resignation advice in the Guardian

For those whose prospects look threatened a pro-forma letter is now available.

A new mattress tax for the UK ?

Men from the ministry mattress tax
Cypriots and foreign investors emptied ATMs after EU deal under which savers must surrender up to 10 percent of their banks deposits as a condition for securing a financial bailout.
UK Army personnel and civil servants stationed on the Island will be recompensed for any loss by the British Government.

Capping Benefits – will this cap the lot ?

The Work and Pensions Secretary Secretary, Ian Duncan Smith’s plan
to Cap benefits got off to a start in four London boroughs by
capping benefits at no more than £500 per week. This covers all social security payments,
including income support, child benefit, incapacity benefit, job-seekers allowance,
employment support and Housing benefit. Eventually they will all be
replaced by the new Universal Benefit.

Universal Benefits

Pensioners goup ‘Zimmers’ impress on Britain’s Got Talent

In the next round are singing pensioners The Zimmers, whose combined age of over 3000 didn’t stop them from impressing the judges with their rapping skills.

The group – who previously found fame in 2007 in a BBC documentary, and who previously released their cover version of The Who’s My Generation – took on the Beastie Boys classic Fight For Your Right To Party this time around, with spectacular results.

“I loved you guys, you are awesome,” said guest judge Carmen Electra, while Alesha Dixon added, “You guys are inspiring, that was brilliant.”

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