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112 NHS Trusts are STILL hiking hospital car park fees despite Health Secretary’s pledge to clamp down on the rip-off charges

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt last year vowed crackdown on charges for visitors and patients, but 63 per cent have since raised their fees with one hiking prices by 960 per cent.

Hospital Car Parking chages

Last night campaigners and MPs called for legislation to curb or even wipe out the charges.
Wye Valley NHS Trust (pictured, Hereford County Hospital which is part of the Trust) was one of the worst offenders after raising its average hourly rate from 33p to £3.50

One of the worst offenders was Wye Valley NHS Trust, which raised its average hourly rate from 33p to £3.50 – a 960 per cent increase. Whittington Hospital NHS Trust in London also angered patients, doubling its average hourly charge from £1.50 to £3.

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Some in northern counties envy the Scottish benefits – but would they last?

Men from the Ministry/Scots Referendum
As we near the fateful day, it perhaps isn’t surprising that there are people south of the border who are envious of the benefits which people in Scotland enjoy free:

  • Prescription charges
  • Elderly Care
  • University Tuition Fees
  • Bus Passes from age 60
  • Bedroom Tax
  • Hospital parking charges
  • Bridge Toll Fees

Listening to some of the televised debates one could take an implication that an independent Scotland would be able to make more things free. In reality we think it might be wise to keep hold of this list, and see how many remain after a few years of independence, and the facing of reality alone. I’d put a better chance on them remaining if Scotland decides to remain part of the Union.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to reform hospital parking rules

Relatives of chronically ill patients must be given free or cheap hospital parking under new rules announced by the Government.

Patients with disabilities and those with frequent appointments as well as staff working shifts will also benefit from the shake-up, according to Jeremy Hunt.
Hospital Car Parking chages
The Health Secretary said new guidelines for English hospitals had been drawn up to put an end to the stress of “unfair” charges.

Trusts should waive fines when an overstay is beyond the control of the driver, such as treatment taking longer than planned, under the reforms.

Mr Hunt last month admitted he had concerns about the fees being charged to park at some hospitals after being pressed by Conservative backbenchers to put an end to the “rip-off” costs.

The guidance sets out for the first time that hospital trusts are responsible for the actions of any privately contracted firms they use to run their car parking operations.

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Now insurance companies offer cover for £300-a-year NHS hospital parking fees

Cancer patients are being offered health insurance to cover the cost of car parking at NHS hospitals.

The policy pays patients £300 a year towards parking fees in the event of illness.

The average cancer sufferer makes more than 50 visits to hospital during treatment at an annual cost of £325.

Parking is a major expense for the seriously ill and has caused rising anger, with the fees being branded a ‘tax on the sick’.

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