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Driver handed £60 fine for entering bus lane to let police cars pass

A COURTEOUS motorist who quickly got out the way of two emergency vehicles has said she was slapped with a £60 fine for using a bus lane.

Sarah Graves, 45, of Roundhill Crescent, Peacehaven, said she had to momentarily use the bus lane to let two police cars through on the A259 Marine Drive road in Rottingdean last month.

Weeks passed and Mrs Graves gave the incident no further thought – until she opened a letter on Friday containing a penalty charge notice (PCN) from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Mrs Graves said: “I was on my way to pick my daughter from a friend’s house and did what any other person should do, so it’s laughable really. I thought to myself ‘how ridiculous’.

“You’d think someone would see the picture of the incident before sending it out and realise there are two police cars speeding through the traffic, but no.”

Mrs Graves has until July 6 to pay the £60 fine, but has been offered a 50% discount if she coughs up before June 30.
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Yorkshire cities fight for local control of transport spending

Yorkshire council leaders want to take control of transport funding and have met with the Government to lobby for devolution of powers.

Local Government Yorkshire and Humber (LGYH), a group of the region’s council bosses, believe it would “fundamentally change the way transport is delivered” and drive the region’s economy.

Chairman Peter Box, the leader of Wakefield Council, has already met with Transport Secretary Justine Greening and said she was “very receptive” to the plan.

The move would mean councils could work closer with transport operators, such as bus companies, to make sure routes and concessions were in tune with the communities they serve.

Coun Box said they wanted to avoid situations where new businesses were investing in areas, but a lack of transport meant people could not get to the new jobs.

Fears have been raised, however, that the Government would seek to use devolution as a method of cutting regional transport funding – business leaders said under the current system a major scheme such as Leeds trolleybus would be competing for funds against similar-scale projects elsewhere in the country, under a devolved system it may be competing against other schemes locally.
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Car travel cheaper than High-speed rail travel

I understand that rail entrepreneurs and their employees do very nicely out of their heavily subsidised industry.

And I accept the fact that – with the obvious vested interests they have – such people are ecstatic about the recently confirmed new high-speed track from north to south.

But I don’t know why the coalition government is so keen. Neither can I see how Conservatives and Lib Dem ministers can justify the obscene cost – £33 billion and rising – when the nation is skint and there are other priorities.

For example, shouldn’t we be catering for the many by repairing and making safe our worn-out, potholed roads, wonky pavements and inadequate cycle lanes?

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Drivers to be banned from keeping uninsured cars off road

The owners of a million uninsured cars face having their vehicles seized and crushed under a crackdown to be announced by the Government this week.

Mike Penning, the road safety minister, is expected to change the law to make it an offence for the first time to keep an uninsured vehicle rather than simply to drive while uninsured.

Sources at the Department for Transport (DfT) claim that the move will help reduce the £30 estimated annual cost to every responsible motorists in additional premiums to cover crashes involving uninsured drivers.

Uninsured and untraced drivers kill 160 people and injure 23,000 every year, according to the department.

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Drivers mystified by secret of ‘Windermere Triangle’

The “Windermere Triangle” has mystified drivers who claim that key fobs refuse to unlock cars on a stretch of a road in the Lake District town.

No official explanation has been made but some locals believe that new traffic lights are to blame.

Anthony Dean, who runs a nearby off licence, said :”There is no logic to it. It can happen any time of the day or night to any type of car.

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M4 in Wales to be ‘hydrogen highway,’ ministers to say

The M4 in south Wales is poised to become a “hydrogen highway”, with alternative energy refuelling points at set locations.

The scheme, to extend into south west England, is aimed at making hydrogen and electric-powered vehicles a viable alternative to petrol-driven machines.

Under the plan, Wales will lead in developing alternative fuels, including hydrogen from renewable sources.

The aim is to create an extensive renewable refuelling infrastructure. Read more on BBC website

In real terms Public Transport fares increasing massively, whilst cost of running car reduces – RAC

Government figures have shown that traveling by public transport is getting more expensive.

Bus and coach fares increased by almost 25% between 1997 and 2009, while the price of train tickets shot up by 13% in real terms, the figures from Transport Minister Sadiq Khan’s commons reply showed.

However, Mr Khan had good news for motorists, revealing that the cost of running a car had fallen in the same period. He said the “real” cost of motoring, including buying the car, had dropped 14%.
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