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Plan to crown Prince Charles as King of Scotland in event of Yes vote

Overheard at the bus stop: A plan is we hear being put to Alex Salmond which would raise the temperature in the Scottish Independence Referendum debate. The plan proposes that Prince Charles is installed as King within a short period of a Yes outcome in the forthcoming referendum to be held on 18th September. The advantages are said to include making it clear that Scotland isn’t waiting on decisions by the remainder of the UK for at least one key issue whilst the battle over Scotland’s use of the pound rages on. This would also end the extended frustration for Prince Charles whilst the Queen maybe matches her mother’s longevity.

It is also understood that the plan would include provision for Camilla to become Queen without equivocation, and that the succession when King Charles died would follow the conventional pattern, with Prince William succeeding to the Scottish throne.
It was argued that a ‘phoney war’ feeling may otherwise pervade in Scotland where for an extended period Scottish people see little change whilst wrangling continues over the details of the independence settlement, not least over whether Scotland can continue to use the British Pound, and the share of the National Debt to be transferred. This would include a General Election in 2015 to the British Parliament, to which Scottish people would be once again invited to elect MPs to the parliament in Westminster even if Scotland votes for independence.

This caused quite a commotion at the crowded X36 bus stop, which continued on boarding the bus – one suspicious person was concerned that the person trying to plant the idea on Alex Salmond was a sort of ‘double agent’, well versed in the history of Scotland and England. He expressed fears at the situation that would then arise on the death of Queen Elizabeth, and mumbled something about ‘1603 all over again’ ? We hear that the bus queue seemed to gain a few people anxious to join in the discussion, including one or two who appeared to get on the bus when it arrived, even though they hadn’t planned to travel.

One or two expressed an opinion that Alex Salmond should be the first Monarch of an independent Scotland, in recognition of his sterling efforts, though it was clear that this wasn’t everyone’s choice.

Alex Salmond Toby Jug

Alex Salmond Toby Jug (Not in production, just a figment of our graphic artists imagination)

Prince Charles given birthday cake in shape of pensioner’s bus pass as he turns 65

Prince Charles Bus Pass cake

PRINCE Charles turned 65 while travelling in India yesterday and his staff teased him with a cake in the shape of a free bus pass, which he can now claim as a pensioner.

The heir apparent, Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, was celebrating at the end of a nine-day trip to India, before he flew to Sri Lanka to open a meeting of leaders from the Commonwealth bloc.

Charles’s staff ordered the cake from his luxury hotel in the southern Indian port city of Kochi in the shape of a bus pass, granted to those over 65 in Britain to give them unlimited free travel.

“HRH Prince Charles. Valid from 14 Nov 2013. Concessionary travel funded by HM Government with your local authority,” it read. “Happy 65th Birthday!”

With rain disrupting his schedule, Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited an old Jewish area, a church and a former colonial palace in Kochi in the southern state of Kerala.

On his arrival in Colombo, Charles and Camilla were greeted by traditional drummers and dancers on the red carpet and signed a visitors’ book at the airport, after chatting to a reception committee of local dignatories.

He was later due to attend a party at the British High Commission where a spokesman for the prince said there was “likely to be some singing and maybe even a cake”.
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Our comment: Somehow we doubt Prince Charles would use a bus pass, though if he was keenly awaiting the opportunity to get one, a visit to our site would have told him that he qualified several years ago.

Royal succession gender equality – do the changes go far enough?

The changes to prevent female members of the Royal Family taking second place in succeeding to the throne when a monarch dies are well overdue. Surely HM Queen Eizabeth has done enough to prove that a woman can fullfill the post admirably, as was the case with Queen Elizabeth 1st many would say. It has just taken us 400 years to realise it.

But in this modern world this small change, coming as it does maybe 400 years late, it is a small step indeed when women have not been debarred from succeeding to the throne for a very long time.

But just as we have had good monarchs in Great Britain, we could also inherit bad ones, as we have done in the past (it seems to be usually men who may be categorised thus). And there are one or two Royal men who could well fit into this category right now – so ought a further step be considered whereby when a vacancy arises the next incumbent is appointed through an election process. We would not then be subjected to an automatic inheritance of the throne, and the public would be able to consider the merits of alternative candidates and select the most suitable in their view. Or if a referendum on the topic seems a step too far, maybe the House of Commons on a free vote could excercise this perogative on our behalf? In our view anything as unseemly as an election campaign by candidates should be ruled out straight away.

Your view are invited.