Consultation on bus pass age qualification in Scotland closed 17th Nov 17 – announcement imminent ?

In Scotland people aged 60 or over are holding their breaths whilst the outcome of The Scottish Government’s consultation on the future of bus pass entitlement in Scotland is awaited. The closing date for responses was November 17th 2017. In brief the 3 options consulted on are:

  1. make no change to the scheme, leaving the eligibility rules as they are (i.e. age 60); or
  2. raise the age of eligibility for both men and women in one step from 60 to the (female) State Pension age (which will be 65 in November 2018 and will increase to 68 over a number of years )
  3. raise the age of eligibility for men and women progressively towards the State Pension age (see 2 above) by annual increases of one year or half a year to the age of eligibility.

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2 thoughts on “Consultation on bus pass age qualification in Scotland closed 17th Nov 17 – announcement imminent ?

  1. Fred Robson Post author

    The qualifying age is currently 60 but an increase is under discussion as you probably know. Maybe worth keeping your fingers crossed that the change isn’t met too quickly, though there may be a phasing in process which might help you. You mention that you are unable to work, have you considered applying for a disabled bus pass ? see

  2. Christine Reilly

    I’m 60 in January and like the pension it looks like I will be missing out on free bus pass in Scotland. If it must happen I think it should be done in stages nit just being cut right off. I’m unable to work and find I’m confined to only going out for compulsory trips. I can’t afford the bus fares. I thought I was reaching a stage in my life where I would be able to get out more wit my free bus pass. But it looks like I’ll be stopped at the hurdle again.

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