Deals on coach journeys

Travelling from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Lands End on a bus pass appeals to a few, though ignores the cost of overnight accommodation in such long journeys. Maybe some do it ‘because I can’. The disadvantage of travelling by coach for longer journeys is that even if you are a bus pass holder, you have to pay ! Perish the thought.

Having said that companies such as National Express Coachcards offer a range of discounts to tempt travellers, including Senior Coachcards – Save 1/3 off our standard fares & benefit from £15 day returns on Tuesdays, and Disabled Coachcard -
If you’re registered disabled, save you 1/3 off our standard fares anytime.

Megabus also offer services to many parts of the UK and beyond at attractive rates, and Stagecoach offer a range of fares including megarider tickets for the UK where you can buy tickets for unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses in your chosen zone or zones and choose how long you want your ticket for. It’s great value for money.

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