Excellent Google tool works out bus travel routes with service numbers etc

We highlight here a very useful tool which Google provides to help plan a bus journey from A to B , very useful if you haven’t made the journey before, or not quite sure. The example below is an extract from a search made for a bus journey from an address off Doxey Road, Stafford, to Cannock Hospital.

The information shown includes:

    Where the nearest bus stop is
  1. How often the buses run

  2. What the bus route number is
  3. Where to change buses
  4. The Bus Stand No. at the Bus Depot
  5. How long the journey will take

Click on the image for closer view:

In order to obtain this information the simple steps are:

    Go to Google www.google.co.uk select Maps

  1. enter the starting point address
  2. enter the destination address
  3. Select the bus symbol bus-symbol