Greater Manchester Women affected by pension changes could benefit from free off peak travel

The move comes after Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, made a commitment in his manifesto to support the women most affected.

The group experiencing the longest delays to their pension are those who were born between December 1953 and November 1954, who will have to wait an extra 18 months before they receive their pension – and were not properly notified of the change following the 2011 Pensions Act.

This accounts for up to 14,000 women across Greater Manchester. In addition women born in both October and November 1953 were amongst the group who received the least notice of the changes and have yet to qualify for their State Pension and so are also being included in the proposals.

Based on research conducted by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), leaders are now set to discuss the introduction of free off peak concessionary travel in Greater Manchester for these women at the next meeting of Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on 27 October.

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2 thoughts on “Greater Manchester Women affected by pension changes could benefit from free off peak travel

  1. Lynne Collings

    Is there any further information regarding this proposal? Is there any outcome from discussions at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) meeting and any good news for those women affected as committed by Andy Burnham in his manifesto?
    Is there also support for men who would have normally been eligible for a bus pass at age 60, and who now to to wait until State Pension? Shouldn’t they be afforded equal consideration?

  2. pauline hill

    I have just turned 60 and now have to wait till I am 66 for my bus pass could something not be introduced where we pay less like say a pound for each time we travel and have a different bus pass regards p hill

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