Intrepid pensioner uses free bus pass to travel 700 miles on 10-day UK trip

Intrepid grandad Alan Gurr has used his free bus pass to travel more than 700 miles on a 10-day trip the length of England.

Factory worker Alan, 67, first caught a train from Oxfordshire to England’s most northerly town, Berwick-upon-Tweed, in Northumberland.

He then hopped aboard 32 buses before ending up at England’s most southerly bus stop at Land’s End.

Ted & Fred converse on this story

Ted & Fred converse on this story

Some of the towns and cities he visited included: Newcastle, Carlisle, Lancaster, Blackpool, Wigan, Crewe, Kidderminster, Gloucester, Bristol, Taunton, Exeter and Penzance before he caught a train home to Didcot.

He first tried to do the bus journey last year but missed a connection and was forced to take a train.

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