Janet Street Porter speaks out for pensioner benefits


If you sat up late enough last night you will have heard Janet Street Porter warning that pensioner benefits should be tampered with at their peril ! (the extended piece on this topic appears near the beginning of the programme)

Pensioners benefits in peril

If you missed it it is well worth watching it on BBC iPlayer, – Janet, herself a pensioner made an excellent case for keeping the benefits that pensioners enjoy, and this was supported by the other panel guests, Alan Johnson and Michael Portillo. Janet Street porter called for a stop to demonising pensioners, and to do as they do in Japan, refer to them as ‘National Treasures’

One detail that we would challenge, Janet Street Porter said that up to now pensioner benefits had been left alone, but she was overlooking the recent removal of additional tax allowances for older people which has a significant effect on the tax paid by pensioners. (Roughly five million pensioners will suffer, some by as much as much as £285 a year)