JOIN Daily Express CRUSADE NOW: Hands off universal pensioner benefits

The Daily Express opens a new front in its long-running crusade to protect the dignity of Britain’s 11 million pensioners.

Vital benefits earned after years of hard work are in danger as never before.

Now our new e-petition “Hands Off Universal Pensioner Benefits” will demonstrate to the Government the strength of feeling against the very real threats.

We are calling on all who believe pensioners have the right to keep their winter fuel allowance, bus pass and TV licence to go online and sign it.

If 100,000 people – just a fraction of Daily Express readers – do so, MPs will be forced to debate the issue in Parliament.

The e-petition is the latest move in our crusade Respect For The Elderly.

Pensioners now face a hat-trick of threats to remove free prescriptions and other non-means-tested benefits.

Senior Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have all warned that the universal benefits policy could be up for review.

Our full petition reads: “Politicians from all the main parties have suggested that the winter fuel allowance, free bus pass, TV licences for the over 75s and prescriptions for older people should either be means-tested or withdrawn.
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To sign the epetition click here