Bus Timetables Overseas

  • In these pages we aim to give information on how to get about on holiday using local bus services.
  • This can be an economic way of seeing more, making huge savings when compared to organised tours to places of interest.
  • Timetables/Routes can in most of these websites be viewed online, and information sheets printed off.
  • We welcome your comments on services used.

Spain ALSA Operates in many areas in Spain
TITSA Tenerife
Lanzarote Feb 2017 We have sent blog editor Fred Robson to try our services in Lanzarote who reports that bus services are quite regular to many location s on the island. The link to the website information is the most accurate of several available. A very useful leaflet ‘Lineas Y Horarios’ is available from bus stations. A number of discount cards are available if you are planning a longer stay.
Global Gran Canaria
Ireland BusEirann Bus Timetables – Dublin
Netherlands GBV Amsterdam Area
HTM Haaglanden region
QBUZZ Buses run in the province of Fryslân, Drenthe, Groningen and around Rotterdam
Plan your bus or coach journey with Eurobus
France Go Euro

21 thoughts on “Bus Timetables Overseas

  1. Michael Griffin

    I have a freedom pass and would like to know if Spain and Tenerife have something similar that I can use when I go on my holidays.
    I have heard of a TITSA card for Tenerife. But I’m not sure what it is? Or where I could buy one.
    Any and all the information on bus and train passes for Spain and Tenerife would be very much appreciated
    Thank you
    Michael Griffin

  2. admin Post author

    Bus passes are only valid within the country of issue, ad in UK that means either England, Scotland, Wales or N Ireland. But there are some discounts available at bus depots (at least there werE When I was there a couple of years ago.) There is a link to TITSA website on our ‘Buses Overseas’ page, and a Fares & Discounts page on the TITSA site

  3. admin Post author

    If you need assistance to accompany you when you travel you could apply for a carer’s pass. More details on Bedfordshire CC website

  4. John

    My wife and I have been married for 35 years… I have a Bedford Burrough Council concessionary travel card… due to my age but my wife does not qualify in her own right till she is a bit older… 57 now… is there any way she can travel for free with me?

  5. Kevin Westgate

    You can travel in budapest with your UK bus pass free on their Metro,Trams.Buses and trolly buses.
    Also you can get into many other state run places with your passport free.

  6. Oli Thomas

    Just returned from a week in Palermo and was delighted to find that bus and train travel was completely free for seniors. . No questions asked, no identification asked for.

  7. David

    Their is an ugly anti old people and their benefits mood about. The young should remember both that before they know it they will be old themselves and that when today’s elderly were working, some of us still are, we paid 33% as standard income tax not the current laughably low rates.

  8. admin Post author

    Not officially, but we often hear tales of bus passes being accepted in unusual places abroad, probably based on the whim of the bus driver – so if you feel like being cheeky, give it a try ! We understand that they are accepted in Sweden.

  9. roger garnham

    I was using my Southend On Sea, Bus pass in the Philippines, this last winter, as I.D. to qualify for their` senior citizen discount`. They should give you 20% off the price. Even in hotels and cues at the tills in the supermarket

  10. admin Post author

    Whoever told you that may have been pulling your leg – e.g It isn’t possible to use an English bus pass in Wales, let alone Italy.

    But why not give it a try ? We’d be interested in hearing how you get on – I don’t think you’ll get arrested !

  11. D Joiner

    We are going to lake garda in the summer and have been told we can use the bus pass when we are their ? Is this correct ? Can we use it in any other country?

  12. Alan

    Thanks for running this site. If anybody try’s to stop our FREE bus passes, they will found themselves voted out of office. Remember we vote. Do not be fooled into ” OK just pay a small fare instead”

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