Long Distance Bus Pass Travellers sought by Channel 4 production company

I work for a TV production company called RDF, and we’re currently working on a consumer show for Channel 4, which looks at the things people can get for free.

I am just doing a little bit of research into free things various members of the family, from varying ages, can get for free and I am hoping to speak to someone who might have used their Free Bus Pass to travel around the UK, or close enough?

I was wondering if you might know of anyone who would fit that description who would be interested in having a chat with me. Or, if not, maybe you could point me in the right direction for people who might know of anyone?

You can reach me on lucy.weston@rdftelevision.com.

One thought on “Long Distance Bus Pass Travellers sought by Channel 4 production company

  1. peter

    Hi i find your question on fraud concerning bus passes of major concern i am an owner off a bus company in scotland where they spent 44million implementing a so called FULLPROOF systme in which is now so rigged with fraud that the scottish government funding is in serious trouble ie i can show people who have been re-issued replacement cards (up to 11 times) after they claim their origional cards were lost and GUESS WHAT the previous cards are all still live being used by family friends crazy!!! and what a story

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