Number of pensioners doubles over Queen’s reign

The 60 glorious years of the Queen’s reign have seen a dramatic change in the number of pensioners – and how well off they were.

Today there are 13,120 centenarians, compared with just 300 when the Queen came to the throne in 1952. The Queen has sent around 110,000 telegrams and messages to those celebrating their 100th birthdays – including her own mother, presumably.

A baby boy born in 1952 could expect to live to 78 and a girl to 83. A boy born today could expect to live to 91 and a girl to 94.

There are now 5.6 million more pensioners than in 1952, rising from 6.8 million to 12.4 million. The percentage of pensioners in the population has increased by 6% from 14% in 1952, according to figures from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Although the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh continue working, the numbers now working past 65 is 350,000 for women and 540,000 for men. In 1952 there were around 1.5% of women aged 65 or over in the workforce. Today it is 6.5%.
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