How will my bus pass be renewed?

Thousands of people’s bus passes are expiring around now, and as the expiry of existing bus passes approaches people are wondering:

  • Do I need to make a new bus pass application? or

  • Do I just wait to receive a replacement?

In many cases local authorities are writing out to existing bus pass holders with information on the renewal of bus passes. But not all – if you wish to check what your local authority require, we suggest going to our ‘Where to apply’ page, find the link to your local authority, where you may find information on renewals, and if not an email address that you can use to enquire.

In the last couple of years the issuing of bus passes has moved from local authorities to county councils, so new passes may be issued from a different place. Here in North Yorkshire we’ve just received our replacement passes from an office in Northampton, who sent letters to which we had to reply.

On the other hand some places e.g. Braford say they only deal with online renewals, but how do those for whom applying via the Internet isn’t an option ? and County Durham seem to leave it to bus pass holders to apply for renewal.

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