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  • Pensioner Bashing Competition - June 2013

Jeremy Clarkson career ideaSNP Seek Balance of Power



sick-notes-for-school-childrenDr-Who-daleks Dalek’s reach 50 years of age. Amen-from-the-ministry-car-parkingSuggestions that short stay should be allowed on road side yellow lines. B

Vacancies In Parliament? Men from the Ministry- Devolution The candidtae who didn't listen The uncertainties of a hung parliament

The down side of means testing

The down side of means testing

Men-from-Ministry-Premier-foods How to shorten waiting times and generate income Men from the Ministry- Devolution SirMickJagger Mick Jagger qualifies for bus pass. C Bashing Pensioners CartoonPolitical Parties engage in pensioner bashing. D freds new stair lift 75 Stair lifts a boon to those who love technology !. E NHS Direct Call to not expect GPs to make so many out of hours calls. F The Candidate Call for limits and means testing on pensioners benefits. G Men from the Ministry Plan A The deviousness of the Civil Service. H Men from the ministry mattress taxConsideration of a mattress tax to improve the country’s finances. I Men from the Ministry olympic legacySuggested use of Olympics display in the event of a blackout. J Menfrom the Ministry universal benefitsUniversal credits / benefits computer system now in total reoganisation.Universal credit, the government’s recasting of the welfare benefits system, has had to be reorganised so fundamentally that the government watchdog responsible for grading its implementation has judged that it is now an entirely new project. K Universal BenefitsVideo to be produced to explain how universal benefits will work. L Elderly CareWith the elderly to have a cap on financial contributions for nursing home care, the potential cost of accommodation is drawn attention to. M Lunch at the clubThe men from the ministry draw attention to the possible political effects of the ‘bedroom tax’. N Pensioners benefits in perilAttention is drawn to the possible political effects of changing pensioner benefits. O futurefor-buspasses-v3Tips for the handling of the thorny issue of tackling means testing of benefits. P Universal Benefits IT system in troubleProblems with the computerisation of Universal Benefits are arising. Q2 The men from the ministry explore possible ways of reducing defence costs. R Men-from-the-Ministry-St-TriniansThe preponderance of Cabinet Ministers from posh public schools is dawn attention to. R2 Maybe the revealing of government information from time to time is not 'accidental'?. S pbcThe future of Winter Fuel Allowance under consideration.S2
Suggestions that the very rich ought not to be receiving a bus pass are explored
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