Post Election cartoons

Men from the Ministry cartoons following the May 2015 general election


The intake of new SNP members to the House of Commons are accused of trying to oust  some  Labour MPs and the veteran MP Dennis Skinner
from their seats.  John Bercow, the Speaker also rebuked SNP MPs for clapping in the chamber.   Heckling and other interruptions are still

Crucial upgrades to the Rail network shelved by the government


The implications of the Chancellors Budget for the less well off become clearer

Popular BBC entertainment programmes under threat from the Government after the Culture  Secretary John Whittingdale appoints a committee which includes representatives  from the commercial entertainment sector  For all it many faults the BBC is still held in  great affection by the public and any reduction or hiving off of programmes to the commercial sector, such as pay per view, would not go down well with voters.

One thought on “Post Election cartoons

  1. Edmilson

    I totally agree with Karen Adams’ cotnemms. Most average, honest, hardworking people want to get by, pay their way in life and hopefully get some reward for their efforts in their later years. This is what a U.S. politician once described as the silent majority . Unfortunately there is a not-so-silent minority who just want to enrich themselves, grab every perk and close every loophole possible to their own advantage. Most of these people work in London S.W.1. or in the executive suites of our big companies. What do they care about people having to choose between heating or eating? Or worrying about the cost of visiting a sick or elderly relative the other side of town? Very little I would think. Yes, I would agree with means-testing the WFA or the seniors’ Bus Pass. But only if we means-test the silly perks, allowances and financial carrots dangled under the noses of the selfish and greedy of this world.

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