Bus pass TIMES of use

We summarise here the times when bus passes may be used –

In England

you can use your bus pass on local bus services anywhere in England at these times: 9.30 am to 11 pm, weekdays. Anytime at weekends or bank holidays. 
(but bear in mind that some English local authorities have more relaxed times of use when a bus pass is used in your home county.)  e.g Staffordshire residents can use their bus pass in Staffordshire at any time of day. [But this does not apply to residents of Stoke on Trent]

FAQ: Times differ between England, Scotland, Wales and certain places in England as local decisions have been made on what can be funded from local budgets.

The safest way to be sure is to look on your local bus pass office website.

In Scotland

the scheme provides free travel throughout Scotland, at any time of day – at the present time.  Changes are under consideration due to budget issues.  

In Wales

bus services throughout Wales, at any time of day

In Northern Ireland

60+ and Senior (65+) SmartPasses are valid for use at any time of day,  Senior (65+) passes can also be used in the Republic of Ireland.