Tory MPs are trying to stop free bus passes for pensioners

YET more and more Tory MPs are ganging together trying to stop free bus passes for pensioners.

They are not content with chipping away at the winter fuel payments, but are now talking about charging for your bus pass, or limiting pensioners to a fixed amount of travel per week and then paying for the rest.

They haven’t got the brains to realise what a negative move this would be as buses would be half empty during the day and markets and small business would be even worse off than they are now.

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3 thoughts on “Tory MPs are trying to stop free bus passes for pensioners

  1. Mary Miller

    Excellent its about time this waste of tax payers money was withdrawn. i work full time and pay tax so pensioners can ride around on buses all day. Getting on a bus to go one stop its no the wonder buses are always late.

  2. theresa whitmore

    It does not surprise me the Tories what to stop the buspasses.They promised never to do this and all they have done is hit the older person.First the winer bill.then the swimming passes.Now this.Before they got in they use to say we will help the old age pensioners.Now they have gone against that.I really believe they do not care about them at it.Do they take cut in their pay.No.Its lie after lie.

  3. Rosemary Cutler

    To stop the Pensioners Bus Pass, would result in the National Health Service being inundated with the ill health of people living alone and those unable to get out of their homes. Sometimes this is the only contact they have with friends and Family.
    Towns and Village Businesses gain from Visitors.

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