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Make your point

We invite you to make your point, either by raising points of concern, or commenting on points raised by others. Most pages on this blog have comment forms at the bottom of the page for your use. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the points raised: New Rules for Bus Passes February 2012 ? I live in Doncaster and have just become aware of the new rules for bus passes. From April the charge will be 50p for pensioners ,the passes will be scanned,( already happening here)and tickets will state stop boarded and destination stop. Also it is forbidden to board another bus within 3 minutes of leaving one. Now I don’t know about you but the word “forbidden” is like a red rag to a bull to me. Also,for those whoes buses only run every 2 hours or so,what happens if your second bus leaves before your 3 minutes is up? This will cause lots of worry and distress to pensioners,myself included. How can I keep my hospital appointments if I can’t get off one bus and on to another? I can just about manage the 50p fare but the rest of it—- No way! The worrying thing about this is the way it’s being sneaked in by back door tactics. Can’t we organise something? Our comment: We contacted South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive who say: “I can advise you as follows:- · Stagecoach and First are in the course of installing smartcard technology on their buses, and concessionaires will be required to scan their passes on the ticket machine reader when boarding. · There is no truth that there will be a 50p charge. Operators are legally required to provide free travel under the concessionary scheme rules. The Government has not announced any intention to review the current entitlement to free travel for senior citizens and mobility impaired people. · Reuse of a pass on the same bus within 3 minutes is a rule designed to prevent the same pass being scanned (illegally) for use by any person other than as authorised on the pass. There is no reason for any pass to be scanned more than once when the concessionaire boards the bus. · Some authorities (but not South Yorkshire) require bus operators to record concessionary passengers’ boarding and alighting stops. These authorities use that information to calculate the reimbursement they pay to the bus companies for carrying concessionary passengers Although South Yorkshire reimburses on a different basis, many bus companies will introduce a standard procedure for all concessionary journeys as this does make it simpler for all passengers, especially on journeys which travel to other areas, eg Lincolnshire. I hope this information has answered your enquiry, but please contact me if I can be of further assistance. Concessions & Ticketing Services Manager South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive” People who can’t produce a rates bill to prove their residence in a particular area when applying for a bus pass has cropped up a number of times. e.g. someone living on a barge on the canal system, another person resident in a rest home (who uses a bus to visit friends), another who splits time between a relative’s home and a hotel. We’ve been told that issuing offices try to fob off such requests, but stick to your guns – there are other ways to prove your entitlement. Using N Ireland Bus passes in England and vice versa Hi my mother has her pensioner bus pass and is travelling to Blackpool she lives in northern Ireland Can she use her bus pass in Blackpool and if not how come English people r allowed to use there passes Here please if u could let me know thanx Our comment: Officially a bus pass issued in England is not valid in N Ireland. If they are maybe bus conductors/drivers are turning a blind eye ? Bus passes for People with 2 homes in England Scotland or Wales Question: I have a Scottish bus pass as my main residence is in Scotland, I also have a house in England can I apply for an English bus pass as well. Our answer: This has come up a number of times, the key issue is likely to be ‘can you produce a rates or electricity bill ?’ as most councils say something like “You will need to supply proof of age such as a birth certificate, driving licence or passport when applying for a permit. Proof of address, such as a utility bill, will also be required.” If you own a home on which you pay rates or electricity then may get you a bus pass, but those who own holiday homes on a park where they don’t have a rates bill from the local council can’t. Problem getting replacement card Poole, Dorset NOvember 2010 comments: I applied for my bus pass last July and it has proved an absolute asset to my freedom. At the time of issue I was not given any instructions like. DO NOT CARRY IT IN YOUR POCKET. DO NOT USE IT ON A REGULAR BASIS. Due to, in my opinion, a fault occurring in the cards sealing process when the personal photo was being sealed, the personal photo has started to deteriorate. I was advised by one driver that I should seek a replacement in the near future in case of possible problems. I duly went along to my local issuing office and was met with a hostile uncooperative attitude. The inference from the staff was that I had deliberately damaged the card and would not issue me another unless I paid £8.00. They would not take responsibility that there was a fault. The rest of the card is fine, only the photo is suspect. This card is supposed to last till 2014 and with the quality supplied will only just make 2011. In the future now I know there is a problem with the card quality I would make an effort to keep it safer. Or comment: Not the way to treat a bus pass user ! Question on age of qualification for bus pass for women Aug 2010 comments: I have just found your site – excellent that you have done this. I am a woman of 58, born July 1952, and reach state retirement age on 6 November 2014, under the phasing of women’s retirement age from 60 to 65. I notice from your site that entitlement to a bus pass is being phased in along the same lines, my entitlement to a bus pass also arriving in November 2014. When I heard news stories on this subject a few weeks ago, I received the impression that current arrangements leave the age for a free pass at 60 until all women have equalised at 65, the new government’s plans being to accelerate that. So your news is worrying, in that it seems to suggest any acceleration of the phasing will result in some women reaching retirement age without a simultaneous entitlement to a bus pass. Can you confirm that this is the situation? Thanks very much, and I hope my query is clear! Our Response As it stands women will qualify for a bus pass at the same time as they qualify for a state pension, which I think you understand. I can see that if the government decide to phase the age of qualification to age more quickly than the present arrangement, they could qualify for state pension and then have a further period to wait for a bus pass. Time will tell if this happens. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question from GW from York May 2010 We have had difficulty using our bus pass in Scotland.The tourist information advised that some drivers do accept English passes but others do not and this was our experience.Surely this is not correct. Do you know the correct ruling.Thank You Our response: Our understanding is that English bus passes are not accepted in Scotland or Wales, though I guess if you are lucky with a bus driver – which you sound to have been. Maybe it is worth trying when in Scotland or Wales ! Question about bus and rail passes in Ireland May 2010 “Pensioners visiting Ireland can now travel free of charge on the railways say tourism chiefs” is waiting for your approval How or where do I apply for the Free Rail and bus pass for the Irish Republic? I have an Irish Passport, and am in my 70’s Thank you for reply. Our response: This webpage has all the information, and contact details at the bottom of the page. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question on use of bus passes between N Ireland & Englandfrom P of London May 2010 My parents visit me often from Northern Ireland (part of the uk) and are british citzens, however it appears their bus passes are only eligable in Northern Ireland. Please can you advise as British Citzens and as they get a British Pension where they can get passes to travel throughout the uk Thanks Editor’s Response: Bus passes issued in England, Scotland, Wales & NI Ireland all only apply in the country of issue. i.e. England or Scotland or …. This is a constant frustration being raised. Issuing offices require evidence that the applicant is resident in the area concerned. This is the proof that is asked for to get a London Freedom Pass: “You must also provide ONE example from the list below showing proof of residential address: Current Council Tax Bill/Letter/Payment Book Current Council Housing Association Rent Book/Statement/Letter Current Television Licence The items below must be dated in the last 3 months Residential Utility Bill (excluding mobile phone bills) Residential Personal Bank/Building Society Statement HM Revenue and Customs Letter Department for Work and Pensions Letter Occupational Pension Letter Private Credit Card Statement” This information is on ” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nationwide Building Society is to stop some customers taking out less than £100 over the counter at its branches. (Read more on the BBC News Channel)

Pigs May Fly Award
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question on use of bus passes between Wales & Englandfrom LW of Swansea May 2010 With a Welsh bus pass we can travel to England as long as the service starts in Wales. I live in Swansea and can travel to Bristol, Hereford on a direct service. I understand that the same applies on the same journey, if the service starts in England and ends in Wales. We can also travel on some trains during the winter months. Why cannot English bus pas holders travel into Wales if the service starts in England and finishes in Wales. Its not fair to English bus pass holder who live on the Welsh border. Editors response What you mention surprises me – I understood that short journeys over borders were allowed, but am surprised to learn that you can travel as far as Bristol on a Welsh Bus Pass. What is unfairer still is that people in England are going to have to wait to age 65 to qualify for a bus passsee our webpage for more info, whilst in Wales they will continue to be available from age 60 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question about tickets not recording the journey travelled with bus pass from GH or Warwickshire. April 2010 Can you please tell me why bus drivers issue tickets for longer journeys than you ask for when using a concessionary bus pass? eg Ask for a single ticket from Nuneaton to Bedworth, the driver may give you a ticket to Coventry (more than twice the fare). Are they trying to keep the Company afloat, or are they making a point that old folks use the bus pass far too much (costwise). I would appreciate an answer as this occurs on every bus I use in my area. I am now of the opinion that bus companies are claiming far more for concessionary tickets than is actually used by old folks. Theoretically, they claim the number of ticket issued (times)x the average fare (not) taken over each monthly period. That figure is then multiplied by an agreed percentage to cover running costs. What I am seeing is tickets issued for sometimes twice the real fare. As an example of Bus Company reimbursement, see link :- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On same topic from Also from TK of Cleveland April 2010 Having had my bus pass for nearly a year i have yet to get any driver to take notice of my journey details ie. my journey could be 5minutes or 1.5hrs.this appears to be the norm in this area as i have talked to many relatives and friends who have passes.this amounts to a vast sum of money claimed in this area by the bus companies involved.who would like to know? Editors response The situation with tickets for bus passes seems to vary a lot. We have used ours in Manchester and London, and in both places we were just clicked/counted on – no ticket issued. How local authorities calculate the reimbursement of bus operators is something of a mystery, though there is some detail been released about the method in Scotland. see though it is pretty technical, it is far from reimbursing the cost of the fares not charged. We have now written to Isle of Wight council asking for their comments on this issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question on Use of English Bus Pass in Scotland from JO or York April 2010 Is my bus pass issued in York valid for bus transport in Scotland when I go on holiday there? Editors response No (no point beating about the bush – passes issued in England are only valid in England) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question about getting replacement for lost bus pass from HC of Cambridgeshire April 2010 My mother (aged 75) has lost her concessionary bus pass. She has requested a replacement pass and paid the fee to the Local Authority. Unfortunately the local authority say it can take up to 4 weeks for the new pass to be delivered. In the meantime she has to pay full bus fares (typically £5.20 per day). Is it possible for her to reclaim the fares she is paying in cash given that this is not free travel? Grateful for your advice – I am concerned that the cost will deter her from getting out and about which could have long-term negative effects on her wellbeing. Response from editor 4 weeks !! surely they issue new passes quicker than that. I’d be inclinded to ring the office and make a fuss if you don’t get the replacement within a week. (A lot of places say allow 4 weeks etc, just to cover themselves, but maybe don’t take that long normally. contact addresses are available from our ‘Where to Apply’ Page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Question about using English Bus Pass in Walesfrom CD of Wiltshire March 2010 My wife and I visited Rhos-on Sea Tourist Info centre last year and were told that English bus passes would be valid in Wales from April 2010. Is this true? Response from editor We have checked this with the Welsh Assembly office, and have been told no it isn’t true. Sorry ! Question about phasing of age to 65 to qualify for a Bus Pass from CS of Lewes February 2010 My MP has obtained written confirmation from the Government that, despite rumours, there are no plans to increase the age of bus pass eligibility in line with the increase in womens state retirement pension age! Response from editor We have double checked with Dept of Transport who say that phasing is to take place. (May 2010 it is happening !)

89 thoughts on “Make Your Point

  1. Fred Robson

    Difficult to say for sure, but if dad is showing his bus pass when he gets on he should be OK – when I use my bus pass locally I’m never asked. I assume from what you say that he knows when to get off ?

  2. Trish

    My dad has problems with remembering the name of where he wants to go and his speech is affected.
    Does he have to state a destination when getting on the bus?

  3. Jonathan

    I was born in 1956, and reached my 60th birthday in May 2016. Along with many others born in the 1950s who have had years of their pension stolen, and just been told I have to find an extra five years of national insurance contributions. So stealing six years of my bus pass is really the final straw! And I agree, it’s Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London and Merseyside can find the money for the bus passes, there is no reason why it should not apply to all of the UK
    Local councils and government are in collusion and play the blame game against each other, simply to deflect criticism and responsibility
    I’m afraid since my 60th birthday, having been a law abiding citizen all my life, I decided to take the law into my own hands and give myself some justice. Since reaching the age of 60 I have refused to pay my bus fares and have become a senior citizen fare-dodger. Since mate I have saved over £260, and I have had to pay one £35 charge for not having a ticket. By my calculation I am £216 better off so far.
    It is appalling that I have been forced to resort to these measures. However, desperate times need desperate measures

  4. patrick okeeffe

    Why cant I get a free fare with my concessionary bus pass on the X90 from London to Oxford?

    My understanding of the rules of the scheme are that where the service is timetabled and you dont have to book, then the free concession should apply. Some people argue that it is because it only applies to ‘local’ services. I dont believe this is the case.

    For example, on equivalent services run by Green Line from central London to Luton, or the X5 between Oxford and Cambridge, concessionary pass holders can travel free.

  5. Jennifer Kersey

    I cannot see anywhere what time restriction the passes now have-it used to be not before 9-30 am-is this still so, or can i use mine earlier-perhaps someone will let me know?

  6. admin Post author

    If you have a Freedom bus pass issued by a London council you are able to use it on the underground. I don’t think we say to the contrary, if you think you have seen this somewhere on this website please tell me and we’ll correct it.

    The Freedom Pass website gives the full position.

  7. Michael Bell

    I renewed my bus pass over the phone this morning and was very impressed with the service.

    I did ask a question, can I uses my bus pass on the underground in London. The answer I got was a that I could use the bus pass on the under ground. I was also was informed about this web site,where I read that I can not use my bus pass on the under ground.

    Can you PLEASE clarify the situation for me.

    Thanking you I await your answer.

  8. susan davies

    I have a senior bus pass for wales but stay at my caravan for 3 weeks every month from march to november in devon, can I get a r english bus pass ?

  9. Steve B

    Quote: “People who hold a bus pass issued in England can use their pass to travel on local buses anywhere in England.”

    The above does not apply to the Isle of Wight.
    Any comments? Are there any other places in England where the above statement is inapplicable?
    What Act of Parliament or Statutory Instrument is relevant, as the Government website says nothing on this.

  10. Roger Gall

    Dorset First tell me that as my stop is not a ‘timing point’ that drivers can drive through before the time scheduled at this stop. Quite why they state a time that they intend to completly ignore is beyond me but it is not helpful for a passenger who arrives on time to find the bus has left early. The point they do not address is that this practice is leaving passengers behind. The futher complication is that the scheduled time is stated on the stop to be 09.30. Buses (which stop) are leaving the stop at a minute early at 09.29 and leaving pass holders behind…..I await some help.

  11. admin Post author

    Sounds like the bus driver wasn’t well trained on this – In Brighton I feel sure that bus passes from elsewhere in England would be often used on buses there.

  12. John Taylor

    On 1 July we tried to board the 1004 Sragecoach South number 17 bus at Old Steine Brighton to travel to Horsham. The rude lady driver said our bus passes, issued in Bournemouth, were not valid. We siad they had been accepted on Stagecoach South Downs buses but she said that was a completly different company! We said our passes were valid throughout England and she reluctantly said we could have a concessionary fare at zero cost. She then drove very quickly with one hand on the steering wheel and the other propped up against the partition next to the ticket machine. What a misery!

  13. john pearson

    My friend has today travelled from York to Birmingham by train he jumped on a bus outside new street station in Birmingham showed his Yorkshire bus pass, he was told that it was invalid in Birmingham is this correct ,JPn

  14. Maggie

    I have got my new freedom pass which I have started using . There is is still a month left on my old one. What would happen if I gave it to someone else to use?

  15. susana godden

    Another dirty trick of this government is that I have recently reached the age of 60 and when enquiring about a bus pass it looks as though I have to wait until November 6th 2017 – a long way off, and maybe another ‘juggle’ coming along – to get a bus pass, and pension. Wonderful how they managed to quietly accelerate one’s pension/bus pass date………..maybe all under 65 will now have their bus passes withdrawn because is this not age discrimination?

    No money? Well…………our MPs want a fat increase. Stop all this foreign aid to corrupt countries, and getting involved in other peoples’ wars, and making us so attractive to immigrants who are illegal…’s said they get more than U.K. citizens. Good to hear the National Minimum Wage – not a “Living Wage” is going up, so surely the basic pension should provide a living wage too?
    Now…..haven’t we all heard of UKIP……no wonder we’re all moving across due to being fed up with the self indulgent main parties.

    Another example is the government’s alleged edict “don’t bother too much about the elderley as they are no longer productive”. ahhhm.

  16. Baz

    If Scotland votes to leave the Union then they should not be surprised to experience a backlash from the rest of the UK. Forget about Alex Salmond’s claims that we will all be friends, we won’t.

    The inequality of the Barnett formula allows the Scottish parliament to provide a variety of ‘Free’ services and benefits which are unavailable to the rest of the UK, who contribute towards it.
    In the eyes of many it makes a mockery of the claims by the SNP that Scotland is hard done by.

    The SNP keeps banging on about being ruled by the Tory Posh Boys in London. Well the UK is a democracy and that’s who we voted for. However, chances are they will be out of office in a
    year, so what’s the problem? You don’t hear the English complaining about all the Scotsmen who have led or held positions of power within the UK Parliament for decades. – Is it Six or seven PM’s?

    Scotland could end up with a large section of North Sea oil, after all the SNP has being telling the Scots that the Oil is theirs and if their projections are correct then the Scots will enjoy a cash bonanza, but at whose the expense?

    The impact of this loss of revenue to the UK as a whole will fuel the already growing resentment amongst the general public,. The selfish attitude adopted by the SNP does not go
    down well with those south of the Border and I suspect these same people will make it difficult for any Politician to give into the SNP’s demands. , paticularly over issues like the Pound. Everyone has heard Alex Salmond say the pound is theirs by right, while at the same time declaring Scotland’s sole ownership of North Sea Oil. Seems hardly fair?

    Most recently Alex Salmond has made an issue of the NHS, suggesting the threat of privatisation, but the Scottish parliament already has full control of their NHS, so again another example
    of the SNP’s distortion and manipulation of the facts.

    Like any club, when a member leaves on some cooked up complaint or perceived slight the remaining members usually close ranks and sever all contact. So I hope the Scots know what they are doing.

  17. Gavin Blyth

    Does anybody know or have access to the percentage split of consessionary OAP passes to mobility impaired passes in Wales etc, and how many passes were issued in wales because the applicant claimed they could not speak English??

    For genuine research purposes….


    A concerned bus driver in Wales

  18. admin Post author

    Blackpool Borough have stopped use of the trams with bus passes issued outside Blackpool, but we believe buses are not affected.

  19. Phil Hammond

    I am a long term disabled person and on my concessionary bus pass letter it states that I can use it anywhere in England yet it appears that I cannot use it in Blackpool.!!!
    What I would like to know is: is this rule legal???
    Is Blackpool not now part of England???
    Or is Blackpool Transport just greedy???

    Interested to know your answer Blackpool

    Phil (West Midlands)

  20. admin Post author

    my wife had a disabled bus pass for years through learning difficulties now she looks after me as i cant do things for myself, now my wife cant get her bus pass as she does not go to centres or any thing like that so she cant get her ncoo2 form signed by any one on the form, can she still get hers

    I think the best way forward would be to ring either your local bus pass office, or Citizens advice and ask their help, which you obviously need. You can find your local bus pass office from here:

    or your local citizens advice from here :

  21. brian pearson

    my wife had a disabled bus pass for years through learning difficulties now she looks after me as i cant do things for myself, now my wife cant get her bus pass as she does not go to centres or any thing like that so she cant get her ncoo2 form signed by any one on the form, can she still get hers

  22. Rodney Hooker

    I travelled as a passenger in a car to a Norwich Park and Ride site. The bus duly arrived and my pass was scanned, I was charged a reduced price return fare, Allowed for under the 2009 amendment to the act which allows an amenity charge. The operating company Norse make this charge. The six Norwich Park and Ride sites are owned and operated by Norwich City Council. Waiting rooms and toilet facilities were withdrawn in 2010 with an estimated saving of £250k per anum. Their web site Q & A suggests unlikely to reopen in near future. Nearest advertised conveniences are Castle Mound or City Centre bus station. I am not alone in suffering from Advanced Prostate cancer to find a further 15-20 minute bus ride following a lengthy car journey is challenging. The department For Transport eventually washed their hands of the issue and directed me to the local authority and service operator. Probably just as cheap to travel to city centre ignoring the P & R’s. Paying for the car parking there, if everybody shares the cost which of course they are anyway at the moment by obscure methods.

  23. admin Post author

    The Doncaster bus pass webpage makes no mention of the changes you talk about. Also, the England National bus pass schemes specifies travel between 9.30am to 11.30pm on weekdays, no restrictions at weekends, so I don’t think any council can stop their use after 3.30pm. I’ve also done a search but no newspaper report came up mentioning a planned change to bus passes in Doncaster.

    Doncaster must be a ripe place for rumour – 2 years ago someone said a 50p charge was to be introduced, which we took up with the council, there was no truth in that rumour either.

  24. annedalton-kirby

    Hi is the rumour correct that in April we can only use our bus pass from 9.30-3-30 cannot use it on the train and that we will have to pay as well.I am hearing that many rumours that I would like to know what is correct.My location is Doncaster.
    Many thanks

  25. Ghost Station Man

    With ref to Paula Taylors comment on 20th June: ref using a Merseytravel bus pass in Middlesbrough / Teesside etc : well just so you know you are not the only person who has had loads of problems / hassle using a Merseytravel bus pass in Middlesbrough. I travel there quite regularly on the train to visit my girlfriend and since i first got my pass in 2008 i had no problems what so ever using the busses both Stagecoach and Arriva while i was there visiting mind you this was before they did scanning of passes then Stagecoach a few years back where the first to introduce scanning and my Merseytravel pass worked really well with them no probs what so ever, but then as of Jan 2012 Arriva introduced scanning and it been a right nightmare every time i get on their buses and try to scan my pass all it comes up with is invalid pass and at first the drivers where ok about it and would just press the pass button on their machines but now it a right nightmare even more so because Stagecoach doesn’t accept my pass either now (work that one out they used to be ok with Merseytravel passes) I know it’s not the pass because i use it Manchester quiet often when i go visiting mates that live that and i used it Birmingham while we there on for a few days and it always works ok. So warning to anybody Teesside a nightmare with Merseytravel passes but as a post script to this story a bus driver did tell me one day that when they on the Middlesbrough – Whitby run in the summer they have same problems with people who have bus passes from other areas like the west midlands etc they have trouble as well so Paula you not the only one i am gonna contact both Arriva Teesside & StageCoach Teesside and Merseytravel in new year to try and get some sense out of this mess. Though i have reported to the woman in the Arriva travel centre in the bus station at Middlesbrough fat lot of good that did

  26. Jennifer Jones

    The situation with the bus passes is ludicrous. A bus pass issued in England enables the user to travel from Lands End to the border of Scotland, from the Wash to the border with Wales and from the south east of England to the north west. We in Wales can travel 20 miles max from our home before we need to pay to travel onwards. Inequality is alive and kicking within bus passes. It is galling to sit on a bus in York and be charged £3 each to go into the city as we only have Welsh passes and to see others from the length and breadth of Britain using the service free. It should not matter where you live . We should all be treated the same!!!

  27. Paula Taylor

    Please help. I have a Merseytravel concessionary pass which I use regularly. I have been up in Teesside and went to use it on the local bus but the card reader wouldn’t accept it and I ended up paying for my journey. This happened both times I tried to use it. My pass is valid and not out of date so why is this happening?

  28. admin Post author

    Proof or permanent residence is required to get a bus pass, so I’m afraid the answer is no. (as it happens I was in Melbourne recently, and though I had my English bus pass with me, I couldn’t even get concessionary rate on public transport !)

  29. Gordon burgess

    Can visitors from Australia get over 60s concessionary bus passes for use in Scotland whilst they are visiting Scotland?

  30. Badg

    Can anyone tell me why the bus pass is not valid after 11pm. My local bus service, in Poole, Dorset, runs a late bus back from town which is ideal if I go out for the evening but as it is after 11 pm I have to pay to get home.

  31. Les

    Are senior bus passes issued in Wales now valid for use in London and vice versa on the buses and local trains?

  32. Cliff Sore

    But I never state my destination nor been asked for it. The scanning machine seems only to record an unspecified journey and give me a confirmatory ticket. Surely under these conditions I would only need to show my pass to an inspector, obviating the need for a ticket. My concern is the apparent waste involved, both paper and time.

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