WHEN can I get a bus pass?

At what age do I qualify for a bus pass?

(Different ages apply in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland – see below)

In England

the age for a bus pass is the same date you qualify for the State Pension.

Bus Pass Refusal
(But see details of local schemes in London and Merseyside)

To check your eligibility click here

If you live in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland you qualify when you turn 60 years old.

If you live in London you can apply for an Oyster Card at age 60. (Only usable in the London area)

Passes issued in England, Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland are only usable within the country of issue (e.g. passes issued in Scotland are only usable in Scotland)

150 thoughts on “WHEN can I get a bus pass?

  1. Sylvia Tilley

    It’s so unfair I’m 61 this year and have to wait until i’m 66 for my pension and now also for my bus pass
    The only thing is I get free prescriptions. It’s not right we live in the country so if I can’t drive it’s either walk or catch a bus and the bus times are only every 1 hour and then stop quite early in the evenings.

  2. colin

    I live on the fringe of merseyside in Cheshire 100 yards from the border I work in Liverpool I can’t get a bus pass until I am 66 yet all my workmates get theirs at 60 maybe I should move

  3. Peter Ashford

    I think this Bus pass anomaly is disgusting, typical english dis respect for its citizens, unless of course you live in London. I think this ruling should be challenged in the EU courts ( before we exit )
    When you think of the cost its negligible compared with the overall budget

  4. M. Davis

    My friend in london told me she gets free bus and rail travel, and that I should apply, I’m six months younger and nearly 62. I have just found out in Poole Dorset this does not apply. I have till 2017 to wait and that’s just for a bus pass. You only qualify for free rail if your a londoner. This is so wrong, surely everyone in the UK is equal. It appears not. This should be challenged in law.

  5. Rob

    This government stinks
    All my pal have got their heating Allowance Im told I have to wait till Im 66 which I don,t understand as Im eligble to retire at 65 why the discrepancy ?

  6. Robert Harman

    I am 62 in December and I have been told that I cannot apply for a Bus Pass until 16 December 2019 even though I served my country from the age of 15 yr. I was old enough to fight for the Government but I still cant have a Bus Pass. If I lived in London I would have one now so what’s the difference

  7. steven hassall

    the torys have always been the same, as long as they are getting what they want, they are not bothered about any body else.

  8. fred jones

    This is NOTHING TO DO with the existing tory government.
    This dates back to the Tony Blair days when extra perks were given to the Welsh/Scots to keep them sweet and voting Labour. Yes this Tory Government has not done anything to change this.
    The English are expected to pay for everything provided free in Scotland/Wales, yes its unfair and English discrimination, complain to your MP, if you have a Labour one they will have voted this through years ago, but GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

  9. Christine Parkes

    After working full time for 40 years I retired early at 55 due to having osteoarthritis. Luckily I was able to start drawing my works pension at a reduced rate. I will be 60 in 2 weeks but will have to wait another 6 years before I get my government pension and free bus pass. I see that if you live in Wales or Scotland you get a bus pass at 60 still, how come? Surely this is discrimination. Is there anything us over 60’s in England can do about this.

  10. Alan Smith

    I am a man and live in Broxbourne Hertfordshire when I reached 60 I went in to try and get a bus pass and was told the rules had changed and that I wouldn’t be eligible till 6 November 2015 ie when I was 62 nearly 63. Today I went in to make my application ready for November and I am being told that I now have to wait until January 2018 when I reach 65 what’s going on why aren’t we being kept up to date when you change the goal posts. This is a scandle when did you again move the goal post by the time I’m 65 will you have done away with them all together. perhaps this is what you are delaying for.

  11. BJ

    Nothing anybody does will sway this government to do anything about buss passes or pension dates. They don’t care. Anyone who reaches 60 in the last 2 years will have been dismayed at the sheer discrimination we have had to put up with, most ready for retirement then bank with no real warning everything was taken away. I am 61 and still have many years to go before I can draw my pension. My husband gets his next year, meaning I will have to continue to work when we were looking forward to time together after both working many years, he mostly away from home, because that is where the work was. Well thank you The Goverment. Perhaps I can seek refuge somewhere else and get a home etc.

  12. shirley cassidy

    I think it its totally unfair that everyone in Britain is not treated the same’. Why are the Government allowed to get away with it. SHAME ON THEM.
    I had to wait 18 months over the age of sixty and was not happy. Feel sorry for those folk waiting much longer.
    Thank god I got mine now as I need to go up at least three times a week to help my mum with care for my father who had a disabling stroke. Luckly I usually get a lift. But when getting bus back and forward about eight buses a
    day. None of us are getting any younger. Bring the free bus pass back to 60….!

  13. shirley cassidy

    It not right that there is selective entitlement to free bus passes? It should be the same all over Britain.
    I got mine at 61 and half.and was not happy. I feel so sorry for those folk having to wait a lot longer. Especially those like myself who don’t drive.
    The government need to put this right and make it he same to all. Shame on them.

  14. Lucy

    Hello, I am entitled to my state pension and bus pass this year on 6th September, do I have to apply earlier for my bus pass so that it is ready for use on the 6th? If so, how early please?, Thanks.

  15. Susan Lake

    Thank god l got free prescriptions at 60 for my antidepressant tablets. I will probably be on them for the rest of my life. I haven’t been able to claim for anything else because the government keep changing the goal post hoping we all die before making any claims that we were originally entitled too. This is so wrong.

  16. Sue

    Its all annoying when you have paid all your life into the system, amd then some illegal immigrant will come into this country and steel everything that you could have had… what’s it all about? surely this isn’t right?

  17. Malc


  18. Stephen Claridge

    Thought I would check what date I could apply for bus pass. Birthday in October when I am 62, have now found out that I cannot claim it until 2018 when I am 65. I live in Birmingham (Big City). London, Liverpool, Scotland and Wales all have passes at 62 . Perhaps the so called caring Government (Awarded a 10% pay increase) could explain when Birmingham became a different Country.

  19. Arbab

    I’ll get get pension credit next September , my wife 49 years old she isn’t working can. She get free pass Regards

  20. David Templeton

    I have just checked and I have to wait until 2024 when I am 66 to get my pension and free bus pass so I stick it up to all those who voted the torie’s in, this country is suppose to be Great Britain but how can it be because it is divided into three section’s Scottish, Welsh and English how can this be and they all have different rule’s yet the same government

  21. Carol

    I am so annoyed I am 61 and worked all my life yet cannot get a bus pass. Now not working as Local government decided I could ‘go’. So unfair as a colleague of mine although I would not wish to have her ill health actually got a bus pass at 50!!!! what the hell is this government playing at? pleased to say I did not vote the current government in but hope they look at this and do something to change it/ cant get pension and no way a bus pass. Friend in Wales cant believe how long I now have to wait as she has had her pass for 3 years and it gives her so much freedom. why should I and many others be so victimised when we have worked hard all our lives.

  22. Leslie Stairs

    I retired at 55 but will be unable to have a bus pass or stse pension until I am 66. I appreciate you have rules for stse pension but why do some areas offer bus passes at 60 including Scotland and Wales. Being English certainly doesn’t pay!

  23. Roy

    Not happy, just logged in to get my bus pass at 62 can’t get my bus pass until i’m 64 this is discrimination and should taken the the EU court of law, we all pay our taxes to the same government yet the English are penalised with the date we can receive our bus pas why do we have to suffer, in Scotland and Wales they get it at 60 why are the English discriminated against? it’s not fair and it’s not politically correct. it’s time this was challenged in court.

  24. admin Post author

    Hi Joyce – aren’t you lucky living in Wales, you only have to wait until you reach age 60 to get a bus pass. If you move to England you’d have to wait about 6 years on top of that.

  25. admin Post author

    State Pension calculator
    You reached State Pension age on 1 January 2004.

    You qualify for a bus pass on the same date as you qualify for State Pension. I’ve put a date of birth of 1 Jan 1944 in and get the following response:

    Your State Pension age was 60 years.

    You should have got your pension claim pack before you reached your State Pension age.

    Contact the Pension Service on 0800 731 7898 FREE if you haven’t received it.

    If you wish to check with your correct date of birth, go to this page:


    You can find where to apply for a bus pass by going to our Where to Apply’ page and finding details for Hampshire

  26. ellie

    Hi, I am 61 years of age and live in Southampton. I have taken early retirement but I get some of my husbands state pension (documemnted). Will I qualify for an early pass

  27. Gurmit Athwal

    I Live out side UK can I get bus pass because my parent are 90+ need my attention .
    Thank you

  28. Genie

    Having received my bus pass at age 60 …and also my sister just got hers in London…I advised a friend she was entitled to hers. Now find I’m embarrassed having given her the wrong information as she lives in Yorkshire. Why is there such a discrepancy? Why are people entitled in London and Merseyside? Special people?

  29. admin Post author

    We can’t advise you properly unless you tell us where you live (town, County) – rules differ in different places in UK.

  30. linda

    I will be 60 next Jan 2016 can I get my bus pass am out of work at moment and have a heart condition an d a bad. knee I really need my bus pass also bus fairs keep going up and I use the busses a lot to go to town to look for work please let me know

  31. margaret swenson

    what can I do to further your cause of the unfairness of not getting free bus pass in England at 60 like we Scots and Welsh do. This is wrong, wrong, wrong, We are all British. Angry Scot.

  32. margaret swenson

    I am shocked to find out that England is not giving free bus passes at 60 like it does to Scotland (I am Scottish) and Wales. I have the good fortune to be Scottish but residing in wales now. It is totally wrong not to give English the same as Scotland and Wales a free bus pass automatically at 60. wrong, wrong, wrong. I have an English friend who turns 60 this july who cannot claim free bus pass till quite a few years from now who cannot retire because she cant afford to and working in extreme pain from arthritis (in the nhs. of all places) and to add insult to injury so to speak ,cant even get a free bus pass to work. I will gladly join all of you in England in getting up a petition to fight this. It is discrimination at the highest level. By the way I would not have voted to break up the Union had I still been living in Scotland last year ( when I moved to Wales a few months before.) I am Scottish and proud to be but also British. We should all be equal in the British Isles. This is not fair for all of you in England. Please someone let me know what I can do to further your cause. An Angry Scotsman!!!!!!!!.

  33. admin Post author

    You’ll reach State Pension age on 28 December 2017 and this is also the date you qiualify for a bus pass. BUT if you love in Scotland or Wales, or Mereyside or London you can get a local buss from age 60.

  34. admin Post author

    This can only be answered if you give your date of birth and where you live (city,county, not full address)

  35. Yvonne Friday

    I agree we you if we lived in other parts of the country we would have our bus pass. Having worked most of my life I know have to wait tell I’m 66 to retire. I work as a chef in a kitchen and I don’t think I can carry the very heavy saucepans around much longer let a loan do the hours running around the kitchen.

  36. Mr Franci William Kelly

    Please can you confirm if I can apply for my Buss Pass, I was born on the 28th December 1952.

  37. shirley cook

    Well I know that I now have to wait until I am 65 plus to get my state pension, free bus pass and heating allowance . That is bad enough but I just found out that some people do get a free bus pass at age 60, ie some areas like Merseyside. Now I am very angry. This is so unfair.
    The Torys will not be getting my vote now.

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