WHEN can I get a bus pass?

At what age do I qualify for a bus pass?

(Different ages apply in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland – see below)

In England

the age for a bus pass is the same date you qualify for the State Pension.

Bus Pass Refusal
(But see details of local schemes in London and Merseyside)

To check your eligibility click here

If you live in Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland you qualify when you turn 60 years old.

If you live in London you can apply for an Oyster Card at age 60. (Only usable in the London area)

Passes issued in England, Scotland,Wales or Northern Ireland are only usable within the country of issue (e.g. passes issued in Scotland are only usable in Scotland)

150 thoughts on “WHEN can I get a bus pass?

  1. margaret gray

    London is in England,Wales is in England,Northern Ireland is supposed to come under England. So why do we not get a bus pass at 60?

  2. Soozie Campbell

    I had no idea England was being penalised on bus passes. How is that justified? We are not all stinking rich –
    only some of us. And we have paid our taxes just like the Scots, Welsh and Irish. I’ve even paid taxes in Scotland and I am officially Irish…just happen to live in England but don’t earn more than your average Scott.

    We all need to talk to our local MPs guys and get this rectified!!!

  3. Dawn

    I think it’s bad making old people , work longer. To keep younger on the streets who are not working,. I told a employees to orders coffins in because one by one we will be droping down dead on the company floor not good .plus when you get to old you come un safe and danger to others .they should let you retire at the right age and enjoy what life you got left

  4. Cris Reynolds

    I am disgusted that again living 15 miles outside of London I am penalised and have to wait until 66/67 to get a bus pass. Born March 1956 I wait longer for State Pension, Bus Pass and all I get is free prescriptions. Thankfully I have not had a prescription for over 5 years now!

    By the time I am 66 I don’t expect bus passes will be available! Very Poor!

  5. Dave

    How unfair is it living in England my brother is 65 this year and he as had a bus pass from 60 i am 62 but will have to wait till I’m 66 before I can apply for mine and my state pension. Yet in Scotland and wales it’s 60 why have these changes been applied to the people of England only. We are being robbed

  6. Jan

    If you live in Wales you can get a bus from Wales into England on a bus pass at the age of 60. I know that people travel from Abergavenny into Hereford for nothing with their bus pass and they are younger than me and I am 62. How the hell is that fair. By the time I retire I would have been working 50 years!!!!!
    This makes me so mad.

  7. Paul Anghinetti

    Men have always had to wait until 65/66
    before becoming eligible for State Retirement Pension and so now we live in this age of equal opportunity, equal rights and all that sort of thing it’s no good women moaning about the age increase for them….they can’t pick and chose what suits them best.

  8. sue mansfield

    Well that tops the lot ,i now find i can,t get my buspass till i,m 66. Just keep moving the goal post and paying out everything to all these people who have never worked or ever will. why do we bother.

  9. Paul Pittaway

    Apart from being very unfair that getting a bus pass after the age of 60 depends on where you live. It makes no financial or environmental sense. Buses are not fully utilised during the working day – therefore it would cost ‘nothing’ to allow a pensioner take up an unoccupied seat. And it could also reduce pollution, if pensioner does not use a car but uses a bus instead (assuming they have access to a car).

  10. Jayesh Gandhi

    is united kingdom one country or its divided in to four separate land where rules are different i don’t understand what uk stands for

  11. paul fletcher

    i think its discusting that we english cant get free bus pass when we are 60 like scots welsh and irish. i thought it was called united kingdom

  12. Julie

    The person /persons, who. Took. Away. Our. Pensions and bus passes, shall repent in another life, Julie in Torquay

  13. Don

    Just another example of how the English have to pay for the benefits of Londoners, Scots and Welsh who can access bus passes age 60

  14. Jan

    Born February 1956 I’m 60 now and I have to wait till I’m 66 before I can get my bus pass and my pension I don’t drive anymore and I live in a small village busses only run three days a week which is hard enough so limited busses run on them days it costs £5 return on the bus plus if I need to travel between city or towns it costs me a lot plus I travel to Norwich as I have family there and have to get 2 busses to get to the railway station then get busses to my destinations at least having a senior railcard helps towards the cost of my tickets there must be a lot of people like me in the in the same situation London and other places have them so why cant all areas have them once you reach he age of 60.

  15. Fred Robson

    It might not take away your ire, but the Merseyside passes are only useable in Merseyside, unlike the passes available at the higher age which are useable throughout England. The theory is that the ratepayers of Merseyside have decided to pay for the earlier passes, and it is much the same in Scotland & Wales. (But please don’t shoot the messenger – I didn’t think this situation up !)

  16. Christine lunn

    Could somebody in authority please explain why people over 60 in Ireland Scotland Wales London and Merseyside are given buspasses but the rest of us have to wait till until 65. Wrong!

  17. Eve

    Why is England left out and has to be 63 before you can get bus pass and Scotland Wales northern Ireland its 60 I believe that Wales and Scotland are part of the United kingdom so it’s should all be the same so make it all equal as this is prejudiced leaving England out

    Many thanks

  18. angela

    I cannot believe it depends on where u live as to wether u get a bus pass or not .i would love a free pass I had to pay £12.60 last week to get to work as my knees hurt and I could not ride my bike.this government does not care.i have to take painkillers.sometimes I wonder if it was worth working and I wonder if I will be in a wheelchair before I will get my knees done.now my hips are hurting as well.good news though as least I can get cheap swimming now.but alas no bus pass for 5years then ill be 66 lol

  19. Charlotte

    So cross that I have to wait until I am 66 to claim my State pension and my bus passtop. Would like to use my car less frequently from a practical and environmental view. The government are stealing my money that I have paid for this privilege.

  20. mick

    Has bus pass age been changed ?
    I looked into this last month and it said I could apply one month before my 62nd birthday.
    Birth date 14/09/1954.
    Now it looks like I have to wait until 2020.

  21. Annoyed

    I am fuming!!! I know at least 6 woman who all have their own cars (not fuming about that) but very rarely take buses if at all yet they have a free bus pass. I was 62 this month. I catch a bus from Poole Bus Station to Dorchester Road quite often. This costs me £2 30 I am told that it includes 70p as the second bus stop on Dorchester Road is regarded as Canford Heath! May I point out that the next stop after I get off is actually Oakdale Road therefore it is Oakdale not Canford Heath . Who makes these ridiculous decisions how can this be justified? Then to top it all I have a 10 minute walk uphill with heavy shopping as there is no alternative bus. And whilst I whilst I’m having a rant I’m not eligible for my state pension until I’m May 2020.
    Totally unacceptable.

  22. admin Post author

    Short answer ‘no’ – English bus passes can be used throughout England only, similar for Scotland and Wales passes

  23. David Frost

    I am visiting Scotland on holiday, can I use my English bus pass on local buses in Scotland

  24. Graham

    Why do people in london get bus pass at 60 yet others have to wait until pension age?

  25. JayPer

    Here’s a link to my local council’s site, giving “Eligibility for Concessionary Fares based on the equalisation of State Pension Age”.

    So men can claim a bus pass at the same age as a woman born at the same time, and don’t have to wait for pension age. I am assuming this is true across England, but worth checking with your local council in case I am wrong.

    [scroll down to find table of dates]

  26. peter clegg

    my wife receives a full state pension..and receives a pension credit for my.this being the only money we have coming into the house…we do not have any savings….when could I apply for a bus pass….thank you

  27. admin Post author

    6 September 1953 – 5 October 1953 Women 06-Mar-18 Men Age 65
    6 October 1953 – 5 November 1953 Women 06-Jul-18 Men Age 65


    I live in spain and have been claming a small uk pension from the age of 60. Can I claim a bus pass if I don’t have a uk address? DOB 17/ 07 / 1951

    Many thanks in advance.

    S. Martinez.

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