When do I qualify for the State Pension?

When will I get the State Pension?


To find the when you can get the state pension Click here

In July 2017 an announcement was mdethat State pension age to go to age 68 will apply from 2037

Have you seen how much the government is saving through raising the state pension age ? – £500 Billions per year! .

The cost of bus passes, winter fuel allowance and free TV licences for the over 75s pales into insignificance.

Savings on raising state pension age compared to cost of Pensioner benefits

Savings on raising state pension age compared to cost of Pensioner benefits

3 thoughts on “When do I qualify for the State Pension?

  1. Pension60

    I wish this old brain could stop clicking buttons too soon.

    Yeah I also wanted to say, that the flat rate state pension on and from 6 April 2016, is actually less not more than someone getting full basic state pension and had not contracted out of SERPs.

    So that was a con by the former Pensions Minister, Lib Dems Mr Steve Webb, that lost his job on 7 May by not being re-elected as MP. He did say to the press that he was unconcerned about what people thought they were going to get as flat rate state pension from next year.


    Sorry. thanks.

  2. Pension60

    The raised retirement age is not the issue, because people older than those hit by the raised retirement age will get hit by the flat rate pension on and from 6 April 2016.

    The raised retirement age means women who lost payout of state pension at 60 from 2013, do not retire til 2019-2020 onwards. This also means a couple with one below the raised retirement age cannot get Pension Credit under the new Universal Credit coming, and is liable to the bedroom tax and housing benefit cuts.

    Flat rate is not more but less state pension for huge numbers of men and women.

    Some are getting flat rate state pension official government forecasts as low as £38 per week after 45 years work.

    The SERPs opt out will massively effect the amount of state pension you will get, just when any further SERPs is abolished in 2016., as is Pension Credit (savings).

    See who loses most if not all state pension as new pensioner on and from 6 April 2016,
    at end of my petition, in my Why is this important section, at:

    For more information about what SERPs is and all the different pension changes coming next year, see my pension pages on:


    For the poorest men and women, who could never afford or had a chance of other pension provision, the flat rate state pension is the Work til you die or starve if you can’t. loss of most if not all state pension.

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