Wiltshire couple travel to their wedding using their bus passes

Worrying about a bus turning up on time isn’t usually top of the list for couples concerned about their wedding day going smoothly.

But on Tuesday, bridegroom Simon Arnold hopped on the 12.11pm 265 bus at the Town Bridge in Bradford on Avon, and 12 minutes later it arrived in Tyning Road, Winsley, where his bride-to-be Gillian Hall was waiting – just as she has often been during their courtship.

The happy couple were joined by scores of passengers on the 265 First bus for their journey to Bath, where members of their families were waiting to greet them and walk them to the ceremony at the Guildhall.

The new Mrs Arnold, who until now had lived in Lyddieth Court, Winsley, said: “We decided on the bus because we have done a lot of courting on the bus. We often go into Bath on it because Simon was an architect and the city’s full of architecture.

“We had a lot of offers to take us into Bath for the wedding, but we wanted to go on the bus. We find it a big adventure going on it.”

Grandfather-of-two Mr Arnold said: “It is slightly unusual, but it is what we wanted. It is the way we usually get to Bath and it is the most convenient way to get to the Guildhall. We are always using our bus passes.”

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